Taliban Tries to Ambush SEALs; Instead, They Get a Furry Surprise

Despite their carefully-made plans, members of the Taliban didn’t count on one thing: a SEAL dog named Chopper.

As Navy SEAL Trevor Maroshek and Chopper rounded a corner of the compound they were searching, they noticed a motorcycle sitting out in the open. The driver was absent, but the motorcycle’s engine was still hot.

Realizing that the motorcycle was likely a setup for an ambush, Maroshek released Chopper to patrol. Within a few minutes, he found two Taliban fighters hiding in the bushes and attacked them both.

Now distracted by Chopper, neither Taliban fighter spotted the SEALs moving in.

“One of the guys popped out of the bushes not realizing that we were even there. And as soon as he did, Chopper had him by the rib cage actually, he came up, took one look at us and got a bullet straight into the forehead.”

His partner met with the same fate after trying to fend off Chopper.

Later, the SEAL team discovered that the ground beneath the compound was riddled with several hundred pounds of explosives. It’s Maroshek’s belief that the Taliban’s plan was to lure his fellow SEALs and him there, then set off the bombs to kill them—and several Afghan civilians with them.

“Had Chopper not been there, we would have been dead for sure,” Maroshek says.

In a video made by The Smithsonian Channel, Maroshek recounts the event:

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