The Quickest Way to Build Discipline (Which Equals Freedom)

sgpt-motivation-bloodied-bowed-ready-to-learnWe get daily emails from athletes telling us that they work 12 hour a day jobs.

They drive long distance on commutes (1 hour each way).

They are on a Navy ship being deployed and don’t have training equipment.

STOP! Quit making lame @ss #&cking excuses.

You DO have time to train.

You DO have time to build your mental edge.

I can relate as I was deployed on a rust bucket Navy ship with no training gear.

I can relate as I have worked shitty jobs and made ends meet and was broke for years.

I feel for ya…..BUT……..

A warriors life will never be easy and a bed of roses.

You have to not wish for an easier life – but pray for the ability to endure a hard one.

So this is the end of the lecture and I will give you quick solutions.

Read a positive book 5 minutes before you go to bed at night.

Check out this recent SGPT book review on Kill Bin Laden

This will create discipline in that you have to do it every night.

No matter how much you work or long drives or whatever bullshit –

you have time to read for 5 minutes a night.

and a positive skill that builds your mind creates discipline.

“Discipline equals Freedom” – Jocko Willink.

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P.S. SGPT is looking for more athletes to write book reviews for our website.

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Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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