Tim Kennedy, MMA Fighter and Former Green Beret: Become a Sheepdog

“Sheepdog response is an opportunity for us to change the current culture of Americans.”

Being a sheepdog—a protector—is something we advocate here at SEALGrinderPT, and all of our training is based around that mindset.

Do you consider yourself a sheepdog? How do you act as one? Is it something you feel you can’t do because you weren’t or aren’t in the military or a first responder? What if you could become a sheepdog as a civilian in your daily life?

As you watch the video (some NSFW language, so keep the volume low), consider how you act as a sheepdog in your daily life and even what more you could do. If the idea is new to you, think about how you could start becoming a protector even in  small ways that would be important to someone (like picking up broken glass so someone doesn’t cut their tire or foot, mentoring someone in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.)

There are hundreds of ways you can become a sheepdog. What are some ways you already do this, maybe without realizing it?

After you watch the video, let us know your thoughts in the comments below—and we’ll send you FREE SGPT STICKERS!


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QUESTION: Coach, I’m doing alright with my arm strength for my pullups but my hands get really tired. Do you have any ways I could make them stronger?

ANSWER: While having good upper body strength is needed for pull-ups, your hand strength is almost more important because you can only go as long as they’ll let you.

We’ve put together an article full of great tips about how you can improve your grip strength. Try this article, too—Grip Strength Training for American Ninja Warrior.

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