Top 3 Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder Flavors

whey bottleOptimum Nutrition produce the world’s most popular protein powder, so it’s obvious you want to test it out for yourself. A protein powder can be hugely popular for many different reasons, and one of the biggest ones is the taste. You must already be happy with the price and protein content per scoop, so let’s take a closer look at the 3 tastiest flavors you need to try as soon as possible.

Double Rich Chocolate

Optimum Nutrition
takes the chocolate flavor you would get from other manufacturers and doubles it. Everyone is the world loves chocolate, and a Double Chocolate shake will taste just as good as a candy bar. This flavor is particularly special as it’s also perfect to put in things like oatmeal too.

Mocha Cappuccino

bottle in kitchenIf you’re into lifting you probably take a pre-workout with lots of caffeine, so it’s not such a good idea to drink extra coffee if you want to sleep at night. If you want the taste of a milky chocolate coffee without the caffeine hit you have to try the Mocha Cappuccino flavor protein.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Just like chocolate, ice cream is one of the most popular flavors in the world. Now you get to enjoy the excellent taste of ice cream all the time without the extra calories that come along with it, and because it’s vanilla flavor you can literally throw a scoop of protein powder in lots of different meals instead of sticking to only shakes.

Can You Feel Your Mouth Watering?

After looking at the different flavors you can buy, I know your mouth must be watering like crazy. The exact same thing will happen every day when it’s time to drink your protein shake, and even though we’ve covered a few today you’ll find it impossible to get bored of a certain flavor. Just make sure Optimum Nutrition is the next brand you try and you’ll stick with them for life.

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