US Air Force Cadets Have Designs to Make the A-10 Even More Devastatingly Lethal

Two US Air Force cadets who have been recently selected for pilot training want to ratchet up the A-10’s deadly power.

The cadets, 1st Class Jon Clegg and John Potthoff, have been also been researching ways to decrease the A-10’s high levels of maintenance—in addition to increasing the Thunderbolt II’s munitions capabilities, such as finding a way to add additional rockets. Assisting them is Dr. Thomas Yechout, their aeronautics professor.

One aspect of the decrease in maintenance the three have been looking into is a way to reduce engine stalls. This would also generate a smoother flight.

Originally the child of the Cold War, the A-10 is known for its massive, VW Bug-sized Gatling-style gun (technically a cannon), which fires 30mm bullets that can tear through tanks–thereby giving the plane an additional nickname to “Warthog”: “Tank Buster”.

These upgrades to the plane’s capabilities would not only make it an even more invaluable tool in close air combat and ground support, it could also aid in elongating plane’s stay in service.

Clegg and Potthoff are scheduled to graduate in May of 2018.

(Note: Video contains some NSFW language!)

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