US Navy SEAL David Goggins on What to Do When Don’t Have Motivation

“What if you can’t find motivation to workout and get in shape? It’s not about finding motivation! You are measured by the amount of responsibility and accountability you have for yourself. You and only you are responsible for what you do and what you don’t do!

Don’t always count on being motivated to accomplish the mission.

I have crossed many finish lines with zero motivation. The finish line I’m talking about isn’t a race, it’s life. We owe it to ourselves to find more!!! You need willpower! We live in a world where a lot of people need goals, motivation and a lot of other words to get started.

It’s just a big excuse to not get started.

I haven’t been motivated in years but I still do all the same workouts and studying I used to.


Because I have a responsibility to myself to be my very best, and when that time comes when I find that motivation/drive, I will be ready.

This shit is a lifestyle! It’s not always fun. Matter of fact…it’s hardly ever fun! It’s like cleaning your house or studying, it just needs to get done!

Nike said just do it. Well, I say, Just suck it up. Everything comes to an end! Don’t let your body or mind do exactly what it wants to do! Take control!”

  • What are some of the reasons/excuses you find yourself using to talk yourself out of the workout because you lack motivation?
  • How do you inspire yourself when you don’t feel motivated?
  • What do you discover about yourself when you just do it and take control instead of letting your thoughts run the game?

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QUESTION: I have a terrible time getting motivated on Mondays. But I noticed where my head is on those mornings sets the tone for the whole week. How can I get motivated on Mondays?

ANSWER: Check out this article—4 Ways to Kickstart Your Monday Navy SEAL Style


QUESTION: I am working towards running my first 5K this fall but I’m struggling with getting my speed up. Can you help me with ways to get better? It’s been months and I’m still at about a 12 minute mile.

ANSWER: Yes; here’s an article that should help. Tips to Improve Your Mile Run Time. Any more questions, feel free to hit us up on the SGPT Facebook page. We’d also love to hear how these tips helped!


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