US Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols on How to Handle Failure

Failure is something we all encounter in life. Sometimes the incident is small, other times large. It can also depend on our perspective. What seems small to us may seem like a larger failure to someone else.

But what if you could change your perspective and realize that our ability to handle the failure is what determines how it affects us? As Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

That’s not to say that we can’t be disappointed by a particular outcome—and that’s okay. Failing to acknowledge that is actually a larger hindrance to moving forward than trying to ignore how deeply we’re disappointed. Even angry. It’s dwelling there that also creates a hindrance.

So what to do?

It begins with acceptance of the failure, realizing that, small or large, it’s the forward movement from that point that counts.

Even Navy SEALs encounter disappointing failure. So how does someone like Jeff Nichols handle it?

In the video below, Jeff Nichols explains what he calls “setting up your path to manage points of failure”.

As you watch, consider a time when you may not have handled failure well—either by remaining angry, or even ignoring how disappointed you felt. And perhaps how those choices are (still) affecting how you handle failure in the present, and will in the future.

What could you do differently?

What ways have you perhaps mishandled failure? What did/could you learn from that experience?

What are some ways you’ve handled it well? And what did/could learn from that experience?

Let us know in the comments after you’ve watched the video.


Jeff Nichols is a former Navy SEAL who has gained recognition as a high-performance trainer and coach in the fitness and tactical training realms. He served in the United States Navy, specializing in the SEAL teams, and later transitioned his skills and knowledge into coaching athletes, particularly in areas like strength and conditioning, endurance training, and mental resilience. Nichols has become known for his expertise in human performance, working with elite athletes, military personnel, and individuals seeking to enhance their physical and mental capabilities. Through his coaching and training programs, Jeff Nichols aims to help individuals achieve their peak performance levels and overcome various challenges, drawing from his experience as a Navy SEAL.

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