Warriors dont wait

just got this question in today “Coach, my question is how do you add balance to your life when everything around you is inconsistent? And how would you make solid gains off of an irregular schedule?”

My answer may not be politically correct. It may ruffle a few feathers.

life will always be hard — you cannot wait for a perfect opportune chance to train and get ready

i was on a ship for a year trying to go back to BUDS — my schedule was all messed up and I still found time to train and sleep.

This is what makes the warrior different in that we find a way.

When on the ship I worked 8 on 8 off during part of my duty. Which meant I worked 16 hour x 7 days is a 94 hour week.

I would finish my shift and go downstairs and workout for 1 hour straight. Then eat, shower and jump in the rack. I slept 6 hours a night

Step up and be strong as this is your training now to be a future warrior