What is the Goon Squad in BUD/S?

goon squad budsQuestion emailed in from an SGPT Athlete: “Coach, What is the Goon Squad in BUDS training?

The “goon squad” is when you fall behind on a run then the instructors that are in the back of the pack round up all of the slow @$$es and make them pay for their sins.

This usually consist of hitting the surf to get wet then making a sugar cookie (rolling in sand).

You then start doing jumping jacks, pushups, burpees, and bear crawl until the group circles back up to meet you.

Don Shipley explains what the goon squad is in BUDS?

Listen to positive motivation on your next ruck or run

For those that think that this is a way to shortcut the run – I can assure you that the “goon squad” is way more painful than any run can be.

Take a look at that picture at the top. It looks fun for about 10 minutes. An hour later in and out of the surf and your praying to finish.

The goon squad is probably about a 8 on the suck factor scale. Only log PT, Circus and Hell Week were higher on the scale for me.

Question: What is a good book about BUDS and Navy SEAL training?

Check out The Finishing School: Earning the Navy SEAL Trident.

This book was written by Dick Couch and gives you a good inside look at what is going on.

You will still have to train really hard after reading so be ready.

Video BUDS 1st Phase and Hell Week

Question: What is the “circus” at BUDS? If the goon squad is the torture crew at the end of a run then the Circus is different. We had a “circus” after our class did not clean up our rooms properly.  At the end of Friday we were all called out to the grinder in front of the BUDS barracks. We thought we were getting secured for the night. Then all hell broke loose and the instructors tossed a mattress out of an open window screaming our rooms were F-ed up.  After hitting the surf we commenced on a class beat down workout of 2 hours plus with jumping jacks till my legs were on fire and everything but the kitchen sink after that. Bear crawls over the berm.. you name it.

Question: What about the book “Breaking BUDS?”

Yes; we like the book Breaking BUD/S: How Regular Guys Can Become Navy SEALs as it gives a good glimpse of what to expect in SEAL training.

You of course will still have to train super hard just to get a contract.

seal multi vitaminQuestion: Did you take vitamins and supplements in BUDS to help you with recovery?

Answer: Yes; I took a multi-vitamin and of course lots of Ibuprofen.

I still take a multi-vitamin today – SEAL MULTI and trust their brand as I have taken it for over six years now.

Question: Where can I learn more and sign up for the Navy SEALs? Check out the website here:



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