Why North Korea Would Lose a War With the US

While it seems like the crisis in the North Korean peninsula is worsening, any attempt that Kim Jong-Un would possibly make could be quelled with just a few strikes back from the US.

On paper, the public is led to believe that the North Korean military forces are ones to be reckoned with and in tip-top shape. However, in reality their military is woefully out-of-date with decades-old engineering and technology, leading to a much more reduced capacity for fulfilling their threats than they want us to believe.

Additionally, they have limited resources within their own country to aid their troops, having relied on allies such as China and Russia for decades–allies which are now falling silent with support.

Strategically-speaking, North Korea’s ability to wage a sustained war against the most powerful military nations in the world is essentially impossible.

Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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