Writing Down Goals vs. Allowing Things to Happen: A Navy SEAL Perspective

Life isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a battlefield where only the disciplined and determined thrive. As Navy SEALs, we’ve lived by this creed, understanding that the difference between success and failure often comes down to one crucial factor: setting clear, written goals.

Today, we’re diving into the stark reality of writing down goals versus letting life happen to you, through the uncompromising lenses of a Navy SEAL.

The Power and Precision of Written Goals

Writing down goals isn’t just about putting pen to paper. It’s about making a commitment, defining your mission, and locking onto a target with unyielding focus. Here’s why writing down goals is a non-negotiable strategy for dominating life.

Clarity and Focus

When you write down your goals, you eliminate ambiguity. You know exactly what you want, and you create a precise target. This is essential for maintaining laser-sharp focus on what matters most.


A written goal is a contract with yourself. It’s a relentless reminder that you have a mission to complete. This accountability pushes you to act, especially when the going gets tough.

Tracking Progress

Written goals allow you to measure your progress. Every step forward is a victory, and every setback is a learning opportunity. This constant feedback loop is crucial for adjusting your strategy and staying on course.

Psychological Commitment

Writing down a goal engages your mind deeply. It signals that this is serious business, something worth fighting for. This mental commitment fuels your drive and determination.

The Pitfall of Letting Things Happen

Letting life just happen to you is a dangerous path. It’s the easy road, but it leads nowhere. Here’s why you need to avoid this pitfall and take control of your destiny.

Lack of Direction

Without goals, you drift aimlessly. You react to life’s circumstances instead of shaping your own path. This leads to a sense of purposelessness and wasted potential.

Missed Opportunities

Without a clear goal, you’re not prepared for opportunities. They pass you by because you’re not ready to seize them. You’re not in the game, you’re just watching from the sidelines.

Inconsistent Effort

No goals mean no direction for your efforts. You might work hard, but it’s scattered and inconsistent. This lack of focus prevents you from making meaningful progress.

Regret and What-Ifs

Living without goals breeds regret. You’ll look back and wonder what you could have achieved if you had set your sights higher. Regret is a heavy burden, one that can haunt you.

The Discipline of Goal Setting

Discipline equals freedom. This principle is at the heart of achieving greatness. Setting goals requires discipline—taking the time to define what you want and creating a battle plan to achieve it. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.

In the SEALs, we say, “Stay hard” and “Discipline equals freedom.” This means embracing the grind, doing the difficult and uncomfortable. Set clear, actionable goals and execute with relentless discipline. This disciplined approach leads to freedom in execution and unparalleled success.


Writing down goals is about more than just achieving success. It’s about taking control of your life, creating a sense of purpose, and relentlessly pursuing excellence. It’s about discipline, focus, and the unyielding pursuit of your best self.

Don’t settle for letting life happen. Define your mission. Write down your goals. Attack with everything you’ve got. Become unstoppable.

Stay hard. Stay disciplined. Execute your mission.

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