First Female SEAL Candidate Quits

On August 2, 2017, the first female to gain entry into the SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection program (SOAS) voluntarily quit.

Becoming a SEAL officer is a long process. Graduates of SOAS are then considered in a second stage that involves a selection panel.

If selected, the candidate is offered a slot at BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training), which includes Hell Week, generally considered the most difficult military training week in any service, domestic and worldwide.

Less than 20% of candidates graduate from BUD/S.

Serving in combat is actually not a new role for females. All branches of the US military, including the Naval Special Warfare command (which oversees the SEAL teams) have FETs (Female Engagement Teams) who operate in combat zones, most recently in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Question: Hi, Coach. I wrote you awhile back about how I was working on my pull-ups but my hands were getting tired and you sent me a link to an article you wrote about grip strength.

If I can improve my grip I can improve my pull ups.

I can’t find your email.

Could you send me that link again? Thanks!

Answer: Yes; here it is–10 Tips to Increase Grip Strength.

If you use those tips then post up a comment at the bottom of the article.

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Question: I just joined a gym that has a pool.

I want to try out for AirForce PJ’s and know that I need to get good with swimming.

Do you have any swimming workouts you’ve created?

Me and my buddies are meeting up this week and it would be great to have some same workouts.

Answer: Yes; check out this article, Special Forces Swim Workouts and Tips.

Question: How can I find out more info about joining the Navy to become a Frogman?

Answer: Check out the SEAL/SWCC website here:

Question: How can I find a SEAL motivator/recruiter?

Answer: Check out this article here:

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