ISIS Getting Eliminated by Airstrikes–Plus Epic Isis Fails

Check out this compilation of airstrikes showing ISIS fighters getting their a**es kicked. They can run all they want, but they can’t hide.

Watch to the end to see the collection of awesome ISIS failures.

The elimination of ISIS by US airstrikes has significantly degraded the capabilities and territorial control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The United States, in coordination with international coalition forces, conducted extensive airstrikes targeting ISIS strongholds, training camps, infrastructure, and key leadership positions. These airstrikes were part of a broader strategy to dismantle ISIS’s operational capabilities, disrupt their financial resources, and support local forces in reclaiming territory held by the terrorist group.

While the airstrikes played a crucial role in weakening ISIS and reducing its territorial control, it’s important to note that the complete elimination of the organization remains an ongoing effort. Despite significant losses, ISIS has demonstrated resilience, adapting to the changing circumstances by resorting to guerrilla tactics, sleeper cells, and decentralized operations. The fight against ISIS continues to involve a multifaceted approach, including military actions, counterterrorism efforts, intelligence operations, and efforts to counter extremist ideologies.

Head Cam Footage US Special Forces Combat Afghanistan

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