US Navy SEAL Parachute Team Jumps into Football Stadium

Check out this awesome video of the Navy SEAL parachute team the Leap Frogs jumping into Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee.  This was to kick off a game during Knoxville’s Navy Week.

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from Rhonda Barnetti
So a performance with a real messy ending. I did not defend my country and the Flag to be used in performances where they let the flag lay on the ground. No one has a issue with that? There were enough people to prevent the flag from touching the ground. Yes I served 14 years in the Army- and you have a problem with someone taking a knee in silent protest, a bunch of dirt bags are what you are. The jumping was great the flag on the ground I do not like. It does not show respect for the flag. I was the 13th person to dislike this video. I stated my reason for dislike- the disrespect for the flag that was on the ground.

QUESTION: Hello, would you recommend SEAL grinder PT for nonathletes as well (Mission Statement)? In other words, is it for those who currently have little to no fitness routine but want to begin anew?

ANSWER: Yes all SGPT workouts can be done by anyone including nonathletes. We ask that you scale workouts as needed and always start out with lower weights and work your way up.

We have a private SGPT Facebook group where you can ask questions with the coaches and also post your workout for accountability.

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QUESTION: Brad, I have been following you quite a while now and you are a huge inspiration for me. You inspired me to become a Navy SEAL, and your awesome workouts have helped me prepare.

Long story short, I am heading to Basic May 15 with a SEAL contract, and I am trying to soak up all the BUDs/teams knowledge I can and preparing for it.

I figured who better to ask than you! Anyway man, if you have any advice I would appreciate it! Thank you for keeping me fired up! And thank you for being a patriot!!

ANSWER: Good to hear from you. First off thanks for signing up to serve this great Country. I would look at what your weaknesses are and train for those. Have you completed all of the BUDS water drills like treading water, drownproofing, scuba ditch and don, treading water with tanks, etc?

Are you a good swimmer and confident in the water?

Best of luck and skills and the Navy and I look forward to seeing you graduate. More tips can be found here


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