First Female Applies for SEAL Candidacy

Two females have applied for spots in traditionally all-male Naval Special Warfare teams, according to National Public Radio.

One female has applied as an officer for SEAL candidacy, and the other female for SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Crewman). The Navy first opened special warfare positions to females in March of 2016.

August, 2015 saw the graduation of the first female US Army Rangers.

SGPT sends them a big HOOYAH!


QUESTION: Coach Brad–I’m getting raw where my clothes and ruck rub when I ruck or wear a weight vest. Do you have any products or ideas to help with this? Thanks.

ANSWER: Check out this article of SGPT’s top ten anti-chafing creams.

QUESTION: Hi, Brad. My apartment gym got a Concept 2 rower and I’m really liking the workouts I get. Got any workout tips I can start using?

ANSWER: Check out this article I wrote with a whole bunch of rowing tips. If you have any more questions stop by our SGPT Facebook page and send us a message.


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