Watch As South Korean Navy Special Forces Spar in Intense Knife Training Evolutions

South Korean Navy SEALSouth Korea has an elite Naval Special Forces unit which as a long standing tie to the US Navy SEALs. These men have trained with SEAL Team 6 members – the same group that took out Osama Bin Laden. Watch the video below where they show off their  fearsome knife-fighting moves with lightning speed and deadly accuracy.

The South Korean Special Forces, while not technically SEALs, as that refers to the US Navy Special Forces, practice in unison, then they go on to one-on-one highly complexed drills. One of the training takedowns regimens is especially savage but demonstrates their cunning offensive tactics. They also work on disarming and counter attack drills that keep these young men sharp and mentally conditioned. These South Korean SF guys practice relentlessly so that they can use whatever tactics necessary for the success of the mission.

Watch the video above and leave a comment.


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