Woman Reunites Vets With Their Military Service Dogs

Check out this awesome video about Molli Oliver, the United Airlines flight attendant who uses her free time to reunite soldiers with their retired military dogs.

While the use of dogs battle dates back to the Greek and Roman era, their US Military service began in World War I with Sergeant Stubby, smuggled into battle by Pvt. J. Robert Conway.

Stubby’s original mission was simply the mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th Yankee division, but became an integral team member by learning–on his own–to alert his fellow soldiers of impending mustard gas attacks, as well as when the enemy was near. He would also find and comfort wounded soldiers.

Sergeant Stubby, highly-decorated WWI veteran.

Once, Sgt. Stubby nabbed a German solder by the seat of his pants, refusing to let the man go until they were found. Stubby served for 18 months, participating in 17 battles on the Western Front before returning home.

By the time World War II began, the military had recognized the benefit of having dogs serve alongside soldiers, training them in tracking, detection (of enemies and bombs)—as well as to work as sentries and scouts.

Like their predecessor, Sgt. Stubby, they also serve as mascots.

There are 2500 dogs in active service today, and approximately 700 are deployed overseas.

Only 50% of the dogs graduate from the from their military training programs.

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