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Oakley LSA Terrain vs Oakley LSA water boot review

Check out the reviews and comparisons for the Oakley LSA Terrain vs Oakley LSA water boot and you be the judge which one is best for your feet. Oakley is known for producing high-quality footwear, and in this review, we will compare two popular models: the Oakley LSA Terrain and the Oakley LSA Water boots.... Read More

GoRuck Product Reviews

GoRuck Product Reviews Check out these GoRuck Product Reviews for GoRuck backpacks and assorted gear. GoRuck GR1 backpack Grab Your Buddies and Get Ready for a Challenge @ New gear February 2014 We have a new GoRuck orange flag patch and a new GoRuck logo’d Nalgene. RELATED ARTICLES: GORUCK 30 Day Program GORUCK GEAR... Read More
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Rita Potakh GoRuck Interview

Check out the SGPT GoRuck Interview with Rita Potakh SGPT: Tell us about yourself? Rita: I have no military background. I am a working mom of 2 very busy elementary school aged kids. My day is spent earning a living as an analyst in the Oil & Gas industry, and my evenings are devoted to... Read More

Danner RAT vs Danner Desert Acadia

Check out these reviews, videos and comparisons of the Danner RAT vs Danner Desert Acadia boots and you make the best choice. Danner RAT GTX 8″ review by Anthony As a U.S. Marine (Ret.) it comes as no surprise that I’m still depending on the high degree of quality found in Danner’s craftmanship to support... Read More

GoRuck Training Program 30 Day

 The purpose of this online Ebook is to prepare you for the upcoming GoRuck event. You will find 30 days of workouts. If you need to lower the weights and distances then do so. Listen to your own body. If your a beast and need to add more weight and distance then do the same.... Read More

Danner Mountain Lite II vs Timberland Chocorua

Choosing the right pair of boots can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. In this comparison review, we will evaluate two popular models: the Danner Mountain Lite II and the Timberland Chocorua. Both boots have their own unique features and advantages, so let’s dive in and see how they stack up against each other. DESIGN and... Read More

TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review

Check out the TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review and decide if it a good program to add to your fitness routine. Improve your posture, increase range of motion and build greater stability from head to toe with this workout. Includes a stretching program perfect for desk jockeys and extreme sportsmen alike. DETAILS The TRX Performance... Read More
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Rich Xs GoRuck interview

Check out this interview with Army veteran Rich Xs as he gives us the inside scoop on doing multiple GoRuck events. SGPT:Tell us about yourself? RX: I’m a 23 year old veteran of the Army, did four years as a forward observer, doing PSYOP in the Reserve now. SGPT: Did you have an athletic background... Read More

GoRuck 1 backpack vs SEAL Survival Go bag

Check out the reviews, videos, comparisons and info for the GoRuck 1 vs SEAL Survival Go Bag reviews and you make the best decision for your ruck marching and training for next event. The GoRuck backpack has built up loyalty over the past few years as one of the top go-to backpacks around. It was... Read More
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Altama jungle boots vs Bates 922 review

Check out the reviews, comparisons, videos and info on the Altama jungle boots vs Bates 922 and you make the best decision for your feet. If you click on any link we may get a commission from which helps keep gas in the truck and the lights turned on. So if you want to... Read More

Oakley SI Assault boot review

Oakley SI Assault Boot Review and Specifications The Oakley SI (Standard Issue) Assault Boot is a high-performance tactical boot designed for military and law enforcement personnel, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who require rugged and reliable footwear. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the specifications and features of the Oakley SI Assault Boot. Specifications:... Read More

Danner Full Curl 400G vs Danner Crag Rat boots

When your stalk takes you to rocky high elevations, Danner’s Full Curl hunting boot carries you with confidence. Gore-Tex delivers the moisture protection and breathability you need for peak performance while the Dynamic Response System delivers superb stability and the Pebax framework adds springboard return for a more smooth, less clunky stride. This means agility.... Read More

Danner Full Curl 400G Review

The Danner Full Curl 400G is a premium hunting boot designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts and hunters who demand both performance and comfort in challenging conditions. In this review, we’ll explore the specifications and features of the Danner Full Curl 400G. Specifications: Material: Upper: Abrasion-resistant nubuck leather and 900D nylon Insulation: 400 grams of Thinsulate... Read More

Lowa Uplander Boot Review

Check out these reviews and videos for the Lowa Uplander boot and your make the best choice. The Lowa Uplander Boot is no longer made. I recommend the Lowa High Rise boot. The Lowa High Rise is versatile and rugged choice for those who require durable outdoor footwear designed for hunting, hiking, and demanding outdoor... Read More
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