Ryan Moody – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Ryan Moody, Elite Athlete Profile

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 175

Age: 25

Started CrossFit: May, 2007

Training Facility: CrossFit 801
Coach/Trainer: Yes

Occupation/School: CF801 Trainer and University of Utah Student
Sport: World Record Jump Feats and CrossFit

I am taking RECOVERY and MORE MUSCLE. The products have been amazing for my training and recovering capabilities. I have had HUGE increases in my lifts and metcon performance. It’s almost SICK how quickly these PROGENEX products have improved my training regimen. The RECOVERY is astounding. I go from being wrecked to ready for another wod in only an hour or so. LOVE IT!

I take a scoop of the RECOVERY immediately after a workout. I will add a scoop of the MORE MUSCLE, but I am not consistent with the MORE MUSCLE just yet.

Strength through adversity inspires me. Watching others take on challenges that appear near impossible, and that push through the challenges with pure determination and an unwillingness to quit.

Typical Training Week:
Three days of wods, 1 day of rest, followed by two days of training and 1 day of rest. I will also supplement my jump training at random. I base a lot of my training on “listening to my body” and knowing what it needs when it needs it. Sometimes pushing my body just opposite. Yet I don’t overtrain, and I know when I’m pushing too hard or too much.

Ryan Moody CrossFit Stats:
Fran: 3:32
Cindy: 26 rounds
Helen: 9:32
Grace: 2:50
Max pull-ups: 50
Standing box jumps: 60.5″
Running box jump: 65″ (can get one foot on top of 74″)

Weightlifting Stats
Deadlift: 485
Bench: 250
Squat: 345
Snatch: 215
Squat Clean: 275
Power Clean: 280
Clean & Jerk: 265

CrossFit Competitions/Titles:
World Record Holder: World’s Highest Standing Box Jump 56″ (based off of height to box height percentage)

In progress: Eight more World Record jumps.

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