Graham Holmberg CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Graham Holmberg CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile
Graham Holmberg2010 CrossFit Games Champion 2010
Sponsored by:Reebok Athlete
Progenex Athlete
Rogue Fitness, CrossFit Gahanna (Owner/Trainer)
Crossfit Level 1 Coach
Powerlifting Certification

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185
Age: 25

Graham Holmberg deadlift

Supplement Use:
Getting ready for the 2010 CrossFit Games I received a promotional bag of Progenex Recovery from Progenex. Skeptical and figuring that it was just another new style of whey protein to come out and that would be it. But when I had my first shake I was surprised! The taste was different from any other protein shake I had ever had and did not leave me with an unsettled feeling in my stomach. As I was working out and preparing, I would be doing 2 or 3 WOD’s a day and I was amazed to see that my intensity did not drop off from workout to workout. After I ran out of Recovery, I fortunately was out in Los Angeles for the competition and made my way to the Progenex tent. Here I was provided with more awesome product and it helped fuel me throughout the rest of the weekend. I have been helped out so much from both the product and my contacts at Progenex who run the company. I am proud to say that, I am Progenex!

Nutritional Supplements
2 scoops Progenex Recovery
8oz milk
3-5 ice cubes (use blender)

½ scoop Progenex Recovery
½ scoop Progenex More Muscle
8 oz. water

1 scoop Progenex Recovery
1 scoop Progenex More Muscle

Diet: I dont follow any strict plan. Ive tried paleo, but hated not being able to drink milk or eat pasta. I try to eat smart, timely and clean. I definitely have cheat days though.

Check out this video with diet tips

Training Week:
My training split will vary depending on how close competition is and how my body feels. I usually attack 6 days on with 1 rest day as I approach competition. Currently I follow (3 on 1 off) treating my 1 day off as active rest with sled push/pulls and core/stability focus. Each training session lasts 60-90 minutes, warm-up, skill/strength work and intense met-con. I also practice yoga three times a week for breathing and flexibility training.

CrossFit gym workout

Graham Holmberg Workout:
5 Sets (for load)
5- Front Squat
Max Muscle-ups
50 Double Unders (unbroken)

My focus for squats is load, muscle-ups is max reps without letting go of the rings or touching the ground, and completing a large set of double unders unbroken (100 -150 is a solid number). During this session I rest as needed between movements and sets, focusing on heavy, max or skill for each individual part. (25-40 minutes)
Graham Holmberg at the 2009 CrossFit Games

Graham Holmberg Signs With Reebok from Progenex.

Squat cleans (95)
Ring Dips

This workout is very light on the squat cleans, forcing me to move fast and giving me the ability to hang on to the bar for a much longer time. The ring dip is a very challenging upper movement requiring coordination and balance as well as strength. To wrap up this triplet workout, burpees are always a regular in my training. I feel that if you can do a movement after doing burpees it can only make you better.

Graham Holmberg Diet – Nutrition:
I eat clean and healthy but do not follow a strict plan (i.e. Paleo/Zone). Try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits daily. I always take in both a natural protein (chicken, salmon, tilapia, tuna, soy, egg, soy) as well as Progenex Recovery. I take Progenex both pre workout and definitely post workout! I try to stay consistent on taking fish oil and a multi-vitamin as well.

Training for CrossFit Games 2013

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Compeition Record
2010 CrossFit Games Champion
2009 CrossFit Games- 19th


CrossFit Stats:
Fran: 2:17
Cindy: 28 Rounds
Helen: 7:05
Grace: 1:50
Filthy Fifty: 17:53
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 53

Deadlift: 505
Bench: 295
Squat: 370
Snatch: 215
Squat Clean: 285
Power Clean: 255
Clean & Jerk: 275

Graham has been training and competing his entire life. Playing football and baseball at Capital University consumed most of his college career along with studying and earning a bachelor’s degree in education. Following graduation Graham continued his strength and conditioning as he coached freshman baseball in Granville and was a personal trainer in New Albany. Enter CrossFit, and he is taking it to a whole new level. To teach and learn is a strong passion that he embraces in his own training, as well as an instructor and owner. The CrossFit games has brought competition back into the picture and been a life changing experience. On the training side of the house, he holds the following certifications:

Co-Owner of CrossFit Gahanna
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Westside Powerlifting Certified
19th- 2009 CrossFit Games
lulu lemon Ambassador (2010)
2010 CrossFit Games Champion “Fittest Man In The World”
2010-2011 REEBOK athlete
2011 CrossFit Games- 4th place

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