511 Tactical ATAC Storm boot review

Check out the reviews and videos for the 511 Tactical ATAC Storm boot and you decide if it is good enough to be part of your field work.

511 Tactical ATAC Storm boots are a popular option among law enforcement and military personnel. These boots are designed to provide maximum protection and support in a variety of environments.

The ATAC Storm boots feature a full-grain leather and nylon upper, which provides both durability and breathability. They also have a waterproof and breathable membrane, which helps to keep feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

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I like that these boots have an oil- and slip-resistant outsole, which provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. They also have a shock mitigation system, which helps to reduce impact and improve overall comfort during high-intensity activities.

511 Tactical ATAC Storm boots have a side zipper, which allows for quick and easy on and off. They also have a hidden pocket on the upper, which can be used to store small items such as a knife or key.

In terms of style, the ATAC Storm boots have a sleek and modern design, with several color options available. They are available in both traditional and composite toe options.

Overall, 511 Tactical ATAC Storm boots are a popular and reliable option for those in law enforcement and military professions. With their durable construction, waterproof membrane, and specialized features, they offer excellent protection and performance in a variety of environments.

511 Tactical ATAC Boot Review

Simply put, these are the best boots I’ve ever owned. I currently own 2 pair and rotate them and will soon be buying another. Out of the box they feel more like sneakers than boots. The zipper on the side has held up on my pair for 3 years now and they are still as waterproof as the day I bought them.
I’ve been a State Patrolman now for 3 years and had the same pair of 5.11 ATAC Storm Boots since I went through skills and the academy. I’ve ran and marched for miles and somehow I never got blisters with these. I’ve tried Bates and Danner Tachyon boots, but I personally like these best. I have flat feet, these did wonders for me compared to those I was issued in Basic Training.

The zip is a genuine idea and works as expected, the leather is so far great, the shank helps the support of my arch, the tread is slightly off in terms of grip but still handles well, and the sizing was perfect, the military sized me at a 10, and all their boots are wide, I went with a 10EE and they fit literally perfect, far better than the Vibrams issued. So the sizing is good to go.

I really like the 5.11 ATAC Storm Boots. The downsides are, the toe is slightly tight width wise, even worse than my cowboy boots, this aggravates a slight ingrown toenail on my small toe.

Also there is a lack of lacing towards the top, the boots I have been used to for years laced to the top with very little to spare, these have a good inch or so to spare, and thus bulge out at the top especially when worn over or below garments, which looks unprofessional. I ditched my boots from Army basic training after wearing these.

One thing that really helped me with wearing these shoes and ruck marching is to start with a good sock like the Fox River. Then I put bodyglide/vaseline on my toes and heel before I hike. This combination has helped to prevent blisters and keeps me hiking for longer than before.  I used to just show up for ruck hikes in my bates with crappy cotton socks and no vaseline. My feet got blistered almost every time. Using better socks and vaseline with this boot really helped me alot.

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