Gatorz Sunglasses Review for Wraptor

gatorz sunglassesCheck out the review of the Gatorz wraptor sunglasses that we received the other day.

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First thing out of the box that you notice is that are not a regular pair of shades.


They are made of a high speed 7075 billet aluminum material and not cheap plastic. Gatorz eyewear are known for excellent craftmanship.

They have that feel and look of a well polished Harley Davidson motorcycle or a tricked out AR-15 that your buddy built custom.

I used these glasses the other day as we were shooting pistols and rifles out at the range.

At one point we went up in the air on a helicopter (lots of sun) to shoot at targets on the ground.

I was able to find the red dot quickly and shoot with no problems.

lone survivor movie gatorz sunglassesThese glasses got a lot of good press as they were worn in the movie Lone Survivor by the Team Guys on that mission.

I know several guys that wear them around and have seen Josh Bridges (CrossFit Games elite athlete) with a pair.

They are made in the US and even have a US patent for their design.

I found that they were very easy to adjust both in the frame, the temple and the nosepiece.

I have one ear that is slightly higher than the other so I had to adjust my pair for that.

I just lightly moved the frames to bend it enough to fit my head better and make up for my lower ear.

So no matter the shape of your face you can get these shades dialed in to fit quickly.

As soon as you pick them up you basically say “damn, these are some sturdy ass glasses”.

Check out Gatorz Sunglasses – Preferred by Navy SEALs and Made in the USA

Gatorz are based out of Carlsbad, California and even have a number you can call if you have any problems 1-844-560-7179. The glasses are made in the good ole’ United States of America.

gatorz-sunglasses-review-sealgrinderYou don’t have to worry about buying some cheap knock-off shades that have no customer service to help you.

PROS: They look bad ass and feel great on your head.

They are highly adjustable and built to last.

CONS: The price may be a little high at $180 (check the Gatorz glasses out here) but as you know you get what you pay for.

These are burly shades that will last a really long time if you take care of them.

One of the cool thing about these shades is that the company actually does high impact testing (check out the video below).

They are shooting out a projectile at 305 feet per second and the glasses absorb and deflect the round.

Don’t try this at home with you cheap plastic shades.

Overall I love these glasses and can’t get enough of them. I wear them driving around town and riding my mountain bike – they are a great shade for just about everything. Even if I have been sweating the glasses stay up on my nose and dont slide down.

Question: What do you think about the gatorz magnum vs wraptor?

Answer: We are hoping to get a pair of the Magnums to review soon.

Question: Are these sunglasses really used by Navy SEALs?

Answer: Yes; I wear them, Josh Bridges (CrossFit elite athlete) wears them. You can join the Navy SEALs too – just sign up here:

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