SGPT Interviews Steph Brownell GoRuck graduate

SGPT Interviews Steph Brownell GoRuck graduate.
goruck interview steph brownellSGPT: Tell us about yourself?

SB: I’m an almost 32-year-old overly-active divorced business professional/intermediate CrossFitter/beer lover/mom to 2… adorable puppies. Haha. I also work part time at whole foods. I love to drive stick, ride fast bikes, shoot clay pigeons, and be covered in chalk. I love all things CrossFit, fitness, and nutrition (and bacon & beer…. I’m an IPA girl at heart).

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SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?

SB: Not really, I was more into music. I did gymnastics as a kid, begged my parents to sign me up for youth soccer and was denied. I swam on a summer team when I was young. Tried my hand at tennis, lacrosse and track. I couldn’t find something that kept me interested and engaged long enough. I didn’t fall in love with fitness until my first intro class to crossfit in January 2012. Life changing! Now I can’t stay out of the gym!

SGPT: How did you train for GoRuck?

SB: Ahhh… I didn’t. I was finishing up an 8 week barbell/strength cycle right before my GRC event. I was otherwise an avid CrossFitter. Truth be told, I didn’t get my bricks until 2 days before the challenge and never tried my shoes on until 3 hours before the event. Oops.

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SGPT: Tell us a little about the GoRuck event?

SB: Amazing! I really lucked out with having a stellar class. I had rescheduled from an October class for several reasons, but little did I know it was one of my class member’s birthday and he had recruited a bunch of his friends to do the challenge. Our first event involved cake. Then there was the welcome party. It was cold. I’m not sure how much I should tell because I don’t want to spoil it for newbies. Cadre Tyler was at the helm and I think I began to adore him more and more as the challenge progressed. I really like his style; he got the point across effectively and without making you feel like a complete dope. The rest of the event was a natural, organic progression of having our class evolve into a team. It wasn’t easy by far but you eventually come to terms with your mind and realize that you have to let your body take over at times.

SGPT: What was hardest part of the event?
SB: The last hour was pretty rough. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on my feet for 12 consecutive hours. I was starting to question the stability of my legs/knees/feet. Our welcome party was lengthy and I wasn’t sure my lower extremities were reliable after it. Turns out they were…. just enough

SGPT: What is one thing you wish you would have done to get ready for GoRuck?
SB: I wouldn’t change anything I did to prepare, which realistically wasn’t too much. I had good advice for gear to purchase (aside from the ruck) and given the cold temps we expected to have, that was all i needed. I think if I had any more insight as to what the challenge was about, I would have backed out. I wanted to go into the challenge with brand new eyes and an unbiased opinion. But the one piece of advice I’d give to prepare- do lots of push-ups. LOTS of them!!

SGPT: Any tips for up and coming athletes that want to do Selection?

SGPT: What kind of boots did you wear? Did you use double socks or Bodyglide anti-chafe?

SB: for my GoRuck Challenge I wore Salomon Speedcross 3
trail running shoes & Injinji toesocks
… my feet were coated in Bodyglide anti-chafe balm
. No blisters or swelling!

SGPT: Thanks for the interview

SB: Thank you for allowing me to share my experience. And to my GoRuck Challenge 848 class…. get to the choppa!!

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