Vasque Juxt boot review

Check out these review and comparisons for the Vasque Juxt multi purpose shoe and you decide if they will work for your feet.

This is the infamous shoe (low cut boot) that was used by DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) to eliminate Bin Laden.

The Vasque Juxt is a versatile and popular hiking boot that’s known for its durability, comfort, and reliable performance on a variety of terrains. Here’s a detailed review of the Vasque Juxt boot, including its specifications:


Upper Material: The Vasque Juxt features a durable and abrasion-resistant suede leather and synthetic mesh upper. This combination of materials provides both protection and breathability.

Midsole: The boot includes a compression-molded EVA (CMEVA) midsole, which offers excellent cushioning, shock absorption, and support while reducing the boot’s overall weight.

Outsole: Vasque equips the Juxt with a VibramĀ® outsole known as the Vasque OTG (Off the Grid) outsole. This high-quality rubber outsole offers superb traction on various terrains, making it suitable for hiking in a range of conditions.

Lacing System: The Juxt features a traditional lace-up system with durable metal eyelets, allowing you to customize the fit and securely lock your foot in place.

Weight: The boot weighs approximately 2 pounds (32 ounces) for a men’s size 9, making it relatively lightweight compared to some heavier hiking boots on the market.


I really like these boots right out of the box. They fit my foot well even though my feet are a little wide. It has plenty of room in the toe box and you can easily cinch it all down with the lacing system. This is really a climbing approach shoe. You use this shoe to hike in to get all of your gear to the base of the cliff. Then you switch to a climbing shoe.

But were not all climbers or hiking through tallus fields to get to a cliff. So this shoe fits the bill as being a solid performer in unstable terrain.

I wear trail shoes 300 days a year as I dont work a normal job. I usually wear Oboz Sawtooth as those have been my go to pair for years. I have also tested many other pairs from Lowa to Merrill.

I really like these shoes for riding my off road bike (with flats) or for hiking in the woods. I have worn them out bouldering on sandstone blocs and fit great when climbing.

Update: A few months in with this shoes has been awesome. They really are high quality, ultra light hiking shoes. I’ve already put about 50 miles on these puppies and they look brand new! Holding up very, very well. I uploaded a photo for you all.

UPDATE 2: These are without a doubt one the best hiking shoes I’ve got. I absolutely love them! Since the last update I’ve put another 30 miles on the Vasque Juxt and no blisters, no problem with quality. Perfectly comfortable. They dry out very easily. Whenever they finally give in to the punishment I put them through, I will buy another pair. They are my favorite shoe.


The bottom line is that while the Vasque Juxt is not a heavy-duty backpacking boot, it’s an ideal choice for day hikes, light backpacking, and general outdoor adventures. It offers a winning combination of comfort, durability, and performance that makes it a favorite among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Overall, the Vasque Juxt is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, mid-weight hiking boot at a reasonable price point.

Questions from our readers.

Question: How does the sizing run on the Vasque Juxt – big or small? It runs a little larger so adjust accordingly.

Question: What are the gaiters that SEAL Team Six wore on top of the Juxt boots?

The operators were wearing leg gaitersĀ used to keep out debris but allow them to have a lightweight shoe with good traction to move around in.

Remember that they were not hiking long distance with a load on this mission.

Question: What kind of socks do you recommend to wear with the Juxt?

I personally use the Darn Tough crew sock. The Darn Tough sock is now issued at Navy SEAL BUDS training.

These socks will last a lot longer than any other pair that you own. They are also making a new one that has merino wool.

Use Bodyglide anti-chafe balm on your feet to prevent blisters. I put it on my heel and between my toes and it makes a big difference. You want to put it on your feet before you start to get a hot spot.

Question: Where can I sign up to become a Navy SEAL? Check out the Navy website here:

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