Remember those Resolutions?

Team SGPT:

Yeah; Remember those Resolutions that all your buddies were talking about early in January?

I’m gonna go to the gym. I am gonna lose 10 lbs. I am gonna run a 5k.

Where are your buddies now?

If you hang with a good group then then have already ran that 5k, hitting the gym and losing weight (or gaining muscle).

You will hear losers (they are in the distance right?) make excuses. Or talk about baggage. Why they can’t… blah blah blah.

A lot of what we do in life is determined by the people we hang around with.

If you play basketball down at the street corner with the big boys and girls your gonna get good.

Find out what Michael Jordan, Herschel Walker practice daily to make them Champions

If you hang out at your house and shoot a few hoops – then you will be so-so.

A lot of life is how you speak. I will go to the gym. I will lose 10 lbs. I will run a 5k. (Affirmations).

What am I really saying?

That who you hang around with and how you speak have an incredible amount of impact on your life.

Most real winners don’t even talk about resolutions. They may joke about it… but their spouses squeeze their hands as they know the real truth.

A winner has had their goals posted on a dream board for the past few years – even a decade. They mark off their goals – their list – one at a time. They step into the reality that they make as they have already seen it with their eyes.

What is that called? To see something in your own minds eye?


Sounds like new age hooey? Its been around since the dawn of time.

Ancient warriors used this same practice. Masai warriors on the plains of Africa. William Wallace leading his fierce band of fighters against the English. Apache indians. Shao-lin monks.

They all used affirmations and imaging to crush their enemies into the ground.

Fast forward to now. In Navy SEAL training this is actually taught.

Check out this article and watch the second video.

POwerful stuff.

Who will you be today? Who will you hang around?

How will you react to the obstacles that you will face?

Believe me. Its easy to get down. It happens to all of us. Even the most fierce warrior falls short.

But the warrior learns and re-learn that you must get back up on your feet again to fight another day.

Its easy to quit. Anyone can quit. Never Quit. Live Your Dreams.

P.S. Want to see a bunker full of mental edge info ->here

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