Gear Review: Acumobility Eclipse Roller

Check out the Acumobility Eclipse Roller review and learn how it can help you recover after tough workouts.

I said it in my post about the Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller, that you need to recover. And as a culture, we spend so much times at a desk, and ignore thoracic extension and back health in general. How many people do you know with a “bad back?” How many times have you personally tweaked your own back lifting something like a 30lb bag of dog food, meanwhile you can deadlift 405? It comes down to joint prep and mobility. And newsflash, there’s a whole bunch of joints in your back, and a complex series of erector muscles, inter-costal ligments, connective tissues, and discs. And that’s an over-simplification.

Again, I had some issues with upper back mobility – still do – but I’m actively working on it. And the Eclipse Roller has been just as helpful as the Ultimate Back Roller. This piece is much more versatile, and helps break up the knots in my quads, IT bands, and massages all the muscles that protect either side of my spine. What’s more, the molding process accounts for this, and you can extend and roll out in various ways, as the ellipses hat make up the middle part vary in width. You can dig into your lower back, or really get in the muscles surround your scaps with a single roll. Or vice versa.

As you can see in the photo, it not only narrows and widens depending on where you lay on it, but also has texturing, bumps, and indentations on it to dig into erector muscles, IT bands, flexors and extensors in your arms, ad naseum. The possibility, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, are truly endless. And of course, the ends can be used like a flat roller, if you need that. I used it just last night on my quads actually while I was between sets of back squats. But like I said, you can dig into your legs if you’re a runner – and that middle bump is OUTSTANDING for loosening up tight calves and pressing out the IT bands; you can dig into your forearms if you’re a climber, or just open up a back if you hunch at your laptop – like this writer is doing right now.

What I absolutely love about this thing, and there’s a lot to love, is the firmness. This isn’t one of your yoga studio rollers that’s softer than baby shit. This thing is firm in all the right places. The middle has an ever so slight amount of give, but the exterior is slightly less soft than a 4″ PVC pipe – which I’d been using for those “hard to reach” knots in my legs. No mas, Senor PVC. No mas.

In conclusion, this is another home run for Acumobility. It checks a lot of boxes and makes great use of the material and space on it. Not a single centimeter is without a utility. Whether you need to loosen up pesky spinal erectors after a day of sandbag work, roll out the legs after a trail run, or just recalibrate after a beatdown in the sand.

Pros, what we like: Everything. The material, the design, the versatility. This is leaps and bounds more thoughtful than the TimTam Vibrating Roller.

Cons, what we don’t like: Wish it was a little longer, but you can pick up a regular hard roller for cheap.

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