Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Micro TKN

Everyone needs to have not only a first aid kit, but a trauma kit.

Let me say that again, NOT ONLY a first aid kit, but a TRAUMA kit.

First aid kits treat boo boos. Trauma kits treat bullet wounds, and other acute injuries.

One of the most comprehensive and compact trauma kits I’ve seen of late is the Blue Force Gear Micro TKN. It’s innovative, it’s quick to deploy, and it’s thoughtful. Let’s check out the features.

First off, it gets it’s name from Trauma Kit Now, and is designed for EDC for LEOs, soldiers and prepared civilians, and it would also make a great addition or gift idea for a hunter. The sleeve it comes in is sleed and waterproof with a reflective, glow-in-the-dark insert, which can be removed if you need a lower profile loadout.

The supply sleeve comes out with a good yank, and contains essentially everything you would need (except a tourniquet) to deal with acute trauma, including pnuemothorax trauma. They offer basic and advanced loadout options, a good option for the end user so they can customize what they need. As reviewed, it contained the below supplies.


  1. QuickClot Combat Gauze
  2. HyFin Vent Chest Seal (2 seals included)
  3. Cleer Medical Trauma Bandage 4” Flat Pack]
  4. Decompression needle
  5. Six 2” x9” Frog Tape
  6. Size 28 Nasopharyngeal Airway
  7. Heavy Duty Medical Gloves in tan (1 pair)

Overall, the kit is quite comprehensive, with everything you need to deal with a gunshot wound, breathing issues, or other life threatening critical cases. I really like the thoughtfulness of the sleeve and the quick deploy method. It has tabs on either side which are easily located, even if you’re wearing this piece of kit on your belt.

You can also attach it to a backpack, or plate carrier; anything with webbing essentially.You can deal with heavy bleeding, puncture wounds, chest wounds, and open up and airway with what’s in the kit. The only thing it lacks is a TQ, but you can pick up a CAT or R.A.T.S. and wear it somewhere else.

I really like the inclusion of a decompression needle, but must say DO NOT USE IT UNLESS YOU ARE TRAINED. While using a decompression needle correctly to deal with a tension pneumothorax is simple, it is not easy. That being said, if you are an LEO, PMC or just like to be ready, check out the Micro TKN from Blue Force Gear.

Pros, what we like:

Innovative and elegant design that is ready for rapid deployment to deal with heavy bleeding and acute ballistic wounds. Add to that reflective inserts, the inclusion of a decompression needle, and chest seals out of the box – this kit is good to go.

Cons, what we dislike:

Great overall, just lacks a tourniquet and CPR shield, both of which are simple fixes.

Update 11/2017:

This kit has found its way to one of my EDC packs. I have it secured to one of my packs MOLLE webbing on the outside, in a position where I can grab it with my left or right hand without taking my pack off, simulating a direct action scenario where I’d be on the move. Everything in it holds snug, and I never worry about things falling out – although I check periodically.

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