Gear Review: Phoozy XP3 Phone Protector

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an active person. You’re out in the bush, on the range, hitting the trails, paddle boarding, whatever comes your way. My guess is because of that previous statement, you’ve also likely lost a couple phones; casualties of your active lifestyle as it were.

Well worry not, my sunshine and dirt loving friends. Phoozy is here to help you out, with their new XP3.

While you can go out and buy an expensive Otterbox that turns your already oversized phone into an even larger brick, you could opt for something a little more elegant and easy to travel with. The one I tested was in RealTree, but they have a variety of colors.

Let’s look at the specs: the case itself has insulating properties, keeping it warm in the cold. No longer will you leave your phone in an external pocket when backpacking in the bush in the cold, and have that lag when navigating through the screen as the LCD thaws out. This also exceeds MIL drop standards by more then 2 times! It’s sink-proof, water resistant, and keeps your phone protected while you wither trudge through the snow or paddle along.

What’s more is it has an internal stash pocket allowing you to ditch the wallet and have your ID, permits, money, and phone in one location. It lashes to your pack via a carabiner or MOLLE webbing, and has enough padding to protect it from getting smashed by whatever the outdoors throws at you.

Overall, it’s a very utilitarian piece of kit that checks a variety of boxes when it comes to being connected outdoors: Drop protection, insulation, water resistance, flotation, and storage. Check all the way down the line.

Pros, what we like:

We just said it, it protects, insulates, pads, stores, and lashes to whatever you need. It exceeds MIL STD 810G drop tests by twofold and is easily opened with gloved to wet hands.

Cons, what we don’t like:

Adds a bit more bulk to phones that keep getting larger in size, but that’s a beef with Apple and Android.


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Alex Castiglione lives in Atlanta, and is an avid outdoorsman and competitive shooter. He loves getting after it in his garage gym, practicing martial arts, hitting the trails, or running CrossFit and Strongman competitions.

His passion is helping animals and raising funds for his non-profit, Barbells for Bullies, which holds fundraiser fitness competitions dedicated to aiding Bully breed rescues, dog rescues, or other non-profits with similar missions.

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