Progenex vs Muscle Milk

progenex vs isagenix reviewCheck out the info and videos on Progenex vs Muscle Milk protein supplements and you make the decision which is best for your workouts.

Progenex Review by Nate J.
After the CrossFit Regionals this pat year I decided to give the Progenex nutritional supplement a try.

I liked the taste when I added it to milk and a couple of cubes of ice.

It digest well and doesn’t make me feel all bloated.

I added one scoop to 12 ounces of milk and drank it right after my workout.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I don’t feel as sore or fatigued after hard workouts.

I am going to keep on using it and have recommended it to my friends.

Progenex protein review

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More Progenex Review by Alex
I got the Pro-Pack as a gift and it contains 2 powders – the More Muscle & Recovery formulas so I had a month of servings to test them out and see what my experience would be like. I’ll spare you the science behind these 2 formulas fore the sake of brevity but if you want more info refer to the website –

Muscle Milk Protein Review

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Muscle Milk Protein review by Ms Jno:
Oh man, I love Muscle Milk. I use it sparingly because it is a little higher in calories and fat than my normal protein powder. First of all – they offer some amazing flavors – no lie. Brownie Batter and Cake Batter are exactly as described – freaking delicious! I’ve used CytoSport Muscle Milk as a shake, mixed into a pudding (with a little cold almond milk), mixed into some oatmeal, baked into protein pancakes, etc. It’s so versatile! Now that I think about it, I should add one or two back into my rotation!

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Coach, which do your prefer, progenex or muscle milk? I have taken Progenex and like it a lot. I know that many athletes use Muscle Milk like the FSU Seminole football team (National Champions). The Seminoles have been using Muscle Milk for years.

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