Training Progressions for SEALFIT Kokoro

kokoro-coldBarely a week goes by that we don’t get this question “Coach, how do I know if I am ready for Kokoro?”.. or “what are good ways to train for Kokoro.

We will try to make it simple and lay out a progression plan.

You can follow this plan on your journey up the mountain.

First off take the SEALFIT 20X Challenge Physical Standards Test (see below). Write down your score. Use that as your baseline.

SEALFIT 20X Challenge PST
1 mile run in under 11 min

2 min max pushups – 40 male/30 female

2 min max sit ups – 40/30

2 min max air squat – 40/40

Max dead hang pull ups – 6 (or ring rows or jumping pull ups).

Check out these 20x Challenge training tips – HERE

From there we suggest a GoRuck Light or half marathon Tough Mudder or depletion workouts to get you ready for the 20X.

You need to be capable of working for 12 hours straight with short rest.

Once you go for an do the 20X you will want to make a honest assessment of your abilities. Where did I do well? What can I improve? Did I get blisters or my boots were not good? Assess and improve.

Tips on breaking in Boots – HERE

If you need help with tips on double socks and preventing blisters on future ruck marches – check out the tips below.

How to Prevent Blisters with Double Socks Tips HERE

Train and get ready for a GoRuck Challenge. Add in a Spartan Race. Fix any of the issues you had before.  Get your boots broken in. Add in double socks and use Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm on your feet.

Get your feet conditioned to handle the extra weight on your back.  Build your core by doing pushups and leg raises.

Check out these GoRuck Training Tips – HERE

Increase your rucking distance and slowly adding a larger load.

Grab Your Buddies and Get Ready for a Challenge @

From there bump up to a GoRuck Heavy. Train smart. Don’t run with ruck – walk fast.

Now… do YOU think your ready for Kokoro?

Check out more info on the SEALFIT Kokoro Camp

We like to have these things completed by all athletes before we turn them loose at Kokoro Camp.

  1. Passing scores on Kokoro PST

  2. Twenty (20) mile ruck march (need to get wet and sandy during).

  3. Have done multiple Murph workouts with a ruck

  4. Have done multiple sand bag workouts with a wet and sandy sand bag – not a dry sand bag in a heated CrossFit gym.

  5. Knock off hard HERO wods like Bradley, Severin, Badger and Bradley.

  6. Have a solid “why”.

A big mistake we see is that athletes see Kokoro and want to do the event – but are not remotely ready. They had not done many of the events or workouts above.

Another mistake is that we see athletes not rucking enough – having never completed a 12 mile ruck let alone a 20 miler. We have seen athletes fail out that struggle with sand bag workouts. We ask them if they had ever worked out with a sand bag and they said “no”.

A huge mistake is not having the body ready to do Murph. You cannot kid yourself and do Murph in sunny weather with a weight vest on and think that is the same as doing Murph at night with a ruck (and probably wet) after 6 hours of previous workout. Prepare for Murph under arduous conditions. Do multiple full murph workouts with a ruck.

Check out the SGPT Murph workout tips – HERE

Do all of the progressions above and you will physically be ready for Kokoro.

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