Danner Kinetic GTX 8 boot review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Danner Kinetic GTX 8 inch boot and you decide if they will be good enough for your feet.

Danner Kinetic GTX 8 inch boot review by Robin:
Needed tactical boots for EMT uniform. I read a variety of reviews on these boots and decided to give them a try. I think they’re well worth the money. I wear custom arch supports, so I tossed the inserts that came in them, put my in, and tried them out. I thought the Danner Kinetic GTX Boots could use a little more cushion, so installed a run-of-the-mill cushion insert, and I put my custom arches on top. This weekend I wore them a full day on my feet and not once did I think about how the boots felt … that’s good thing! If they bothered me or were not comfortable, then comfort, or the lack thereof, would have been on my mind. I went with 4 stars rather than 5 because it’s still too early to get a feel for their durability. $136

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Danner Kinetic GTX 8 inch boot review by Gary:
This style of Danner boots is some of the best I’ve ever worn. They go on right out of the box and there’s almost no break-in required.
I’m on my third pair that I used in my maintenance job where I’m on my feet, sometimes six hours straight. The Danner Kinetic GTX Boots have a comfortable foot bed, good arch support, and they don’t slip on snowy surfaces (they also keep the feet warm in the snow).
If they get scuffed, you can hit them with a little Kiwi polish and make them look like new.
I’m very happy I found this brand of boot and will be getting another pair when these are worn out.

These boots do well in military operations.

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