Special Forces Kit List

special forces kit listThis is a standard packing list (aka Special Forces Kit List).

All gear is mission oriented and depends on the area they are deploying to (Afghanistan desert or African jungle and river).

BDU blouse (top)
BDU pants
Brown T-shirt
Underwear (optional – or you can go commando)

Field cap BDU or jungle boonie hat. Important to keep the sun off your head and rain off your head.

The SEAL Team guys love to wear these no matter what the mission.
Socks Darn Tough socks worn at BUDS
Sock/boot liners
Blousing bands

Video – SAS black kit

Combat Boots
Heavy or light Goretex jacket
or Military Parka

Wristwatch – most all of the Special Forces guys end up wearing a Casio G-Shock Watch despite what the advertisements say.

Yes; you may have one guy wearing a Luminox and another wearing a Seiko but buy and large they end up with a $60 Casio.

No one wears Rolex. That is nonsense.

Wrist compass
ID tags
ID card
Scarf, net
Protective glasses
Knee pads
Black leather or Nomex gloves

Shop Vortex at OpticsPlanet.com

(in pockets or on pants belt)
Rigger’s belt w/safety ring
Pen flares w/4-6 flares
Survival kit
Pocket knife or Multi-Tool: I am in the Recon unit of the Marine Corps… out in the field you need good gear, and multi-tools come in very handy.

I have owned a SOG Multi-Tool before, and liked it very much. The reason for this recent puchase of another Sog Tool is because someone else liked it very much too

Compress bandage
Pistol holster w/mag pouch
Pistol magazines (2)
Signal (orange) cloth

Note pad
Pen and pencil
Ear plugs
Signal mirror

Video – Army Ranger kit list

Military Prismatic Sighting Compass w/ Pouch
Protractor (2)
Colored markers

United States Army Ranger Handbook: FEBRUARY 2011, this edition is the most current, fully revised and is currently in use. In the U.S. Army Ranger Handbook SH21-76, Revised FEBRUARY 2011 you will find Tactics and Techniques used by Army Rangers.

Emergency rations
Spare parts
Blood chit
US Dollars/gold coins

(carried on web gear)
(short term supplies if ruck ditched)
Battle rifle
Rifle magazine (1-2)
BlackHawk or Condor Load bearing vest or harness: Just got these today on time…let me say, “WOW, amazing!”…The pictures does not do them justice until you hold them in your hands in person. Got mine for $28 with free S&H, which is sweet considering they’re usually priced from $38-$58 alone by themselves without S&H included. Let me say this to the point: outside the (M.O.L.L.E) battle-belt suspenders-harness from (Condor)—the BLACKHAWK Load Bearing Suspenders/Harness, are the best suspender-harness system/gear you can buy & own on the market!

Pistol belt
Belt pad
Rifle magazine pouches
Rifle magazines, 30 round, (7-13)
Rifle magazine, 20 round, (1)
Rounds, rifle, 4×1 tracer, 210-390
One quart canteen w/cover
Water Treatment Tablets
Bottles taped to canteen
Canteen collapsible 100 oz
w/drinking tube, backpack

Strobe light w/case & batteries (2)
This famous strobe light was originally issued with various aircrew survival vests and life preservers in the late 1960’s. It produces an intermittent flash of light visible for beyond five miles and is waterproof. This device is very bright.

Knife, utility/survival w/sheath
Sharpening stone
Camo paint compact/stick

Pistol holster (if not on 1st line)
Pistol magazine (2)
Pistol magazine pouch (double)
Snap link, locking D (2)

First aid kit, individual w/case
Compress bandage w/case
Cravat bandage (2)

Tactical flashlightThis light is super bright and small. It is brighter than my Cop buddies flash light that he uses on the job. I haven’t dropped it yet but it appears to be super durable.

Chem lights (2-4)
Butt pack
IV set
M.R.E./combat rats
50 – 150 ft of 550 cord

Ground recognition panel (VS-17)
Insect repellent (SSS)
12 ft nylon utility web strap

Grenade pouch (1-3)
Grenade, fragmentation (4)
Grenade, smoke, white
Grenade, smoke, colored
Grenade, thermite/white phosphorous (opt)
40mm grenade rounds (12-15)+special rnds
40mm grenade pouches/carrier

Flare, parachute (1)
Global Positioning System w/case (Garmin Edge 500
Wristwatch (2)

(in backpack)
Rucksack, ALICE w/frame or CFP-90
Sleeping bag system w/cover
Ground pad, cut and folded
Ground sheet/space blanket
Tent/bivy shelter
Bandoleer w/120 rnds rifle ammo

Rifle Ammo in Stock

Rations, 3 days, MRE or LRRP
Gas stove
Utensils (spoon)
Wool socks (3 pr)
IR chemlights (5)
Canteen, 2 qt. w/case
Water purification tablets
Waterproof bag (2)
Poncho (light or heavy)
Poncho liner
Lightweight Goretex top and bottom

Polypropylene top and bottom
Field jacket liner
Wool watch cap (black)
BDU uniform, seasonal (1 set)
Brown T-shirt (3)
Underwear (3, opt)
Foot powder
100 mile/hour tape
Snap link (1)
Personal hygiene articles w/case
Weapons cleaning kit
Tire repair kit
Field-exp antenna kit
Solid core brass wire
Ceramic insulators


Wire saw
Entrenching tool (1/buddy team)
Machete with Sheath (18 in.) (1/buddy team)
Sling rope (Swiss seat), 12-15 ft
Rappel gloves
Plastic bags, seal-able
Sand table kit

(stowed gear at base)
Duffel bag
Pocket altimeter
Climbing gear kit
Net, camo, 5’x9’
Net, general purpose
Barracks bag
Extra BDU’s (2 sets, 1 pressed)
Extra T-shirts/underwear
Extra socks
Polypropylene, top/bottom
Civilian clothes/shoes (2 sets)
Swim shorts
Towel, brown (2)
PT clothes
PT shoes

Goretex boots
Work gloves
Bivisack/sleeping bag
Padlocks (2)
Gas stove
(mission essential gear)
One time pads
Radios, PRC 117, 109, 77, 74, 90
Entrenching tool

Demo bag
Blasting caps
Firing train for special munitions
M-5 aid kit
Claymore mine kit
M-14 mines and booby traps as necessary
Anti-intrusion devices as necessary
Night optical devices ANPVS-7B

Helmet, PSGT Kevlar
Vest, protective, fragmentation/ballistic
Carrier, trauma plate
Protective (gas) mask
MOPP gear
Air items
Single point release system
Lowering line
Quick release assembly
Dive kit

US Army Special Forces are also known as ‘the Green Berets’ and go through training initially in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This is a versatile army unit made up of ‘quiet professionals’

They train for many roles to include unconventional warfare, direct action hitting targets, foreign internal defense (FID), special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, information operations

Questions from our readers online.

Question: What is the 1st line gear loadout for a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP). Check out the PDF here

Question: What is the one item that a Special Forces operator cannot do without? Good boots.

Question: Where can I find a Navy SEAL loadout list? check out the video above for a full load out list.

Question: Where can I find out more information about Army SF?

Answer: Check out the Army website here: to talk with a recruiter.

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