Voodoo Tactical backpack review

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The Voodoo Tactical Level III Assault Backpack that is just the right size for daily field work or a 3 day bug out bag.

Load it up with everything you need and take it on the go.

The Voodoo Tactical pack is rugged enough to take any abuse you will throw at it but also comfortable to keep you moving without any drag.

* Plenty of room for everything I need on a day trip
* Rugged constructed material so no worries on ripping fabric
* Beefy zippers that stay shut even when tossed around
* MOLLE everywhere to keep things clipped in a stable

Voodoo tactical back pack un boxing

Check out the Voodoo Tactical Level III Assault Pack @ Amazon.com

more PRO’s
* neutral colors blend in with environment
* several compartments to keep your gear in the right place
* separate pouch for hydration bladder

* not much to say that is bad about pack. Will have to test more to find stuff.. if there ins.

Overal a very good deal for $79. Are you kidding me? You will get far more use out of the pack than that.

I would recommend this pack for a GORUCK event or SEALFIT 20X Challenge or any field work that you may have. Makes a great range bag as you can take ammo, cleaning kit, food, water and a few beers for afterwards.

Voodoo Tactical backpack 1 month later review

Check out the Voodoo Tactical backpack @ Amazon.com

Right now I am using this bag as my survival go-bag and it sits near my bed. I have enough supplies to last several days and protect my family.

Question: What about the Voodoo tactical vs 511 tactical rush? Both are good packs but the Voodoo cost less and still gives you bang for the buck.

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