David Goggins: No Limits

navy seal i dont stop david gogginsWhat if you could do anything you want (legal of course)?

You could reach any goal by applying your mind and body.

You could help others… inspire others and be a leader?

You could push yourself to the outer limits of human abilities and still keep going?

Listen and watch this video as David explains his ability to push the outer limits.

What is holding you back?

David Goggins enters races to see what his decision will be when he reaches the wall.

That point where your body breaks down and wants to stop the mind.

But he makes a conscious decision to keep moving forward – and that makes him a better person for it.

He is able to deal with the daily grind of life and keep going.

You see at one point – David was very overweight and going nowhere in life.

He made a decision to change his life. You can do the same by using the idea of “find something that scares you and push forward through obstacles.

Once he changed for the better he was never going back. David now pursues a healthy lifestyle with clean nutrition and daily workouts.

What will you do to find your better self?

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