David Goggins: “I Wanted to Prove People Wrong.”

If you’re struggling for some motivation today, here’s an awesome video from David Goggins talking about his decision to get off the path he was traveling and onto a better one—and how it all comes down to mindset and your willingness to suffer in the process.

“The fear overcame me and all my insecurities [from before] came back. Even though no one knew how f*cked up I was, and I created this other person that was tough—I lived with this shit all the time [and] I broke. I started finding things that were comfortable, and the more comfortable I was, the more uncomfortable my mind was….I became exactly what people said I would be.”

So how did David turn things around? What was the deciding moment?

What got him to change his mindset about himself and his situation? Watch the video below and find out!

QUESTION: Coach, how can I change my mindset? I feel negative all the time. I know this is bad, but it’s how I feel from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. At night, too, because I’m sleeping poorly and the thoughts seem worse then and it’s affecting my training bad.

ANSWER: Check out this article—Building Your Mind Like a Muscle. Mindset is a habit like anything else so the more you treat changing it like you do your workout routine—with discipline—you’ll get it changed.

QUESTION: I love doing push-ups, but they get kind of boring. Do you have some ways I can mix them up?

ANSWER: Check out this awesmearticle by SGPT Coach Brandon Richey—5 Killer Push-Up Variations to Upgrade Your Functional Fitness.

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Learn How to Suffer Tips from Navy SEAL David Goggins
US Navy SEAL David Goggins on the Need to be Driven: “Motivation is Crap Because it Comes and Goes.”
Learn How to Suffer Tips from David Goggins

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