Learn How to Suffer Tips from Navy SEAL David Goggins

david-goggins-see-yourselfCheck out David Goggins as he talks you through some really important tips to help propel you to the next level.

David transformed himself from being overweight and out of shape to becoming a Navy SEAL and one of the top endurance athletes on the planet.

Tip #1:
Change your mindset.

Stop being the biggest bully to yourself.

Start telling yourself you can do anything with hard work and training.

Anyone can talk themselves out of pushing themselves and running when it is wet and cold.

Champions figure out a way to get the job done and don’t whine and cry about it.

Winners put their head down and eliminate negative thoughts and push towards the finish line.

Tip #2:
Learn how to suffer.
Those who learn how to suffer Win.

To finish Hell Week and BUDS you must learn how to suffer.

In our society today the majority of people (sheep people) are looking to take the easy way out.

They look to make themselves comfortable at every chance – not knowing they are making themselves weaker every day.

Bruce Lee said ““Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”

Do you want to be like Bruce Lee and David Goggins or do you want to follow the sheep people?

You have to make a choice. You decide.

Put good things in your mind with SGPT audios and push forward 1% daily.

Questions from our SGPT athletes

goruck training 48 hour enduranceQuestion: Coach Brad; what is a good way to start on the journey of learning to suffer?

Answer: I would begin training in your garage gym and with friends with bodyweight workouts and pull ups and dips and pulling a sled (functional fitness).

I would then sign up for a GORUCK Challenge, Spartan Race or a SEALFIT 20X challenge. This will help you to push yourself to a new normal and increase your self confidence.

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QUESTION: Coach, what do you like to add to your workout shakes?

ANSWER: I use Athletic Greens in our shakes. It’s got tons of great nutrition—vitamins and minerals. Plus it mixes up easy in milk or water.