Freak Frog SGPT Live Coaching

sealgrinderpt bone frog tridentWho: SEALgrinderPT

What: Freak Frog course

Why: To be prepared for anything at anytime.

Where: Mashes Sand in north Florida (exact location to be sent to those who sign up).

  • come early friday night and you can camp out and avoid a hotel. Course starts Friday evening and ends Saturday evening (24 hours).

freak frog class shooting thumbnailWhat is it like?
It is similar to GORUCK and Extreme SEAL Experience.

You will be learning teamwork, hiking (rucking) and get to shoot cool weapons all afternoon.
Friday March 4th, 2017 at 7 pm
till Saturday March 5th at 7 pm.
freak frog class 1You will learn these basic skills
* survival (fire, water, shelter)
* team work drills
* leadership
* basic pistol shooting

Expect to get wet, muddy, sweaty and dirty but have a crazy fun time.

Need to be in shape and training now. Before entering the course have completed a 5 mile ruck with 30 lbs. Complete a 5 mile trail run. Be able to do calisthenics for 30 minutes or more.

You will be learning, solving problems, working as a team, doing team workouts – so bring your “A” game.
brad mcleod what is your whyOur professional cadre is made up of a former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod who lives in North Florida and is about training warriors to improve their potential.

Brad went through Hell Week twice and can train you to get ready for any crucible endurance event (BUDS, GORUCK, Spartan Race).

kris-sutton-shoot-move-2Army Ranger Kris Sutton is the founder of Shoot and Move and reaches tactical shooting to athletes all over the country from Florida to Montana and parts in between.

Kris will improve your tactical shooting skills on that day. You will take a test at the start and finish and see the actual results of your improvement.

delta-force-operatorArmy Delta Force operator (name withheld as he is still operational) will be on the range telling war stories and sharing his experience of what it is like to be a part of an elite Tier 1 group.

This operator has over 30 years of military experience and has fought in every war since Grenada.

You will not need a hotel Friday or Saturday night as you will be making a shelter and sleeping in it. You can sleep at the camp Friday night.

You don’t need to bring a sandbag or weights. We will have those for you.

You can bring snacks and electrolytes if you want to. We will have food/snacks and drinks at the event.

Must be at least 16 years old. Must be in good shape and able to ruck with a backpack and run.

Cost: Early bird special $250 includes food and ammo. You bring your own ruck, boots  — other gear is up to you.

If you bring a buddy we will give you a discount.

No refunds once you sign up as we have to pay for range time, ammo, food and reserve instructors and pay for their lodging and food.
Questions email
or call/text Brad at 404-906-0726 cell

Question: When does event end? About dark on Saturday evening. You can leave then or hang around for campfire and cold drinks and burgers.

Question: Where do we sleep? Bring a tarp or tent or hammock and be prepared to sleep outside. You probably want a bug net to keep the mosquitoes away.

Question: Should we train by rucking with a 25 lb sand bag in our backpack? Yes or you can add the gear on the list along with food and water and medical kit.

keep your lips and face protected from the sun and wind with Liploob

Recommended Gear List:

Lightweight boots that drain well

Your ruck should have a hydration bladder and a 1 liter bottle for scooping up water.

Survival go-bag basics

Trail running shoes (that are broken in)
Top 10 Trail Running shoes

Socks (2 pair)

Ball cap / boonie hat / bandanna

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Small flashlight or headlamp (with red lens even better)

All Weather Shelter or whatever you want to make a shelter with (think tarp and paracord).

Lightweight sleeping bag (or lightweight blanket)
Ledge Sports Scorpion +45F Degree Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag

Survival tactical knife or hand saw (for building shelter).
SOG survival knife

Hand compass for navigation.

Tin cup to boil water in

Metal mess kit for cooking (optional)

Change of dry clothes to ship out

Flip flops to allow your feet to dry out

Optional (up to you)
Mosquito netting for face or tent
Bug spray
Snake gaiters

  • camp is in the back woods so think ticks, mosquitos and other creepy crawlies.

*Do not bring a pistol – we will have firearms for you to train with.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to the Navy SEALs Foundation:

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