Jocko Willink: Which is Better — Calisthenics or Weights?

Check out this interview with Navy SEAL Jocko Willink as he answered the question about using bodyweight vs weights for workouts.

For Jocko he likes to use body calisthenics and weight lifting.

Weights make you stronger and more explosive but at a certain point they have the potential for injury.

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Jocko goes on to say that he likes both bodyweight exercises for endurance and mobility while he likes weightlifting and the strength component.

They just started selling it not too long ago.

Answer: I have not used it personally but have heard it gets good reviews.

I am going to order up a tub on it and we can give it a review.

Sounds like it is yummy.

Question: Coach Brad, do you have any tips for recovering after a hard workout?

Answer: Yes; I would sleep at least 8 hours, drink plenty of water and also foam roll out your body.

I like to use a massage ball to work on tough areas to help increase blood flow and restore the body.

The ball is easy to use and you can carry it with you to the gym or on the road.

The WodNation Massage Ball set is a good one to try out.

Question: Where can I find out more info about enlisting in the Navy to become a Frogman?

Answer: I would talk to a Navy SEAL recruiter/motivator first.

Use a google search for your local area to find one.

He can answer a lot of your questions about recruiting and hopefully get you in the pool to do some swim workouts.

That will be one of the top things you want to do is to get hooked up with a SEAL motivator and do the workouts they have at the local pool and on their grinder/parking lot.

A grinder PT consist of warm up exercises like jumping jacks, wind mills, walking lunges, pushups, and situps.

A quick finisher workout that you may see there is a pull up pyramid 1-2-3-4-5 (or more) 4-3-2-1. This is often done after a 45 minute to one hour grinder PT.

Then you go on at least a 3 mile run and if you are near the beach you need to get in the soft sand.

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