Navy SEAL David Rutherford on Embracing Your Fears–Mission 1 of 5: Search for the Truth

Today marks Part 1 of this awesome 5-part series with two mind-blowing videos. In the first, David Rutherford poses the question, “Where does fear come from?”

and drives home the concept that if you let fear own you and your life, you’ll always be at its mercy.

In the second, Rutherford begins laying out, point blank, exactly how to get that ownership back.


What are some of the fears you have? How have you embraced them?

What were the truths you discovered?

Do you have any fears that seem more challenging than others to embrace?

How could you start turning it around so you’re the one controlling them, rather than the other way around?

Let us know in the comments below–and we’ll send you FREE SGPT stickers!

Next, watch Part 2 of 5: Accept Your Reality!

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