Original SWAT Boot Side Zip Review

How to choose a good boot basically starts with what you need them to do.

If you are going to jump out of airplanes or tramp through humid jungle you ned a boot that will match that work need.

If you are marching on miles of burned dirt and sand or if you are going to be swimming in deep water for a short time, well, your boots may well end up being four different pairs entirely.

What did I need my boots to do?

I was in the submarine fleet at one time but now I work construction management.

We have OSHA rules about boots needing toe protection.

So, I needed a boot to protect my toes, one with a good thick sole with deep tread, strong ankle support.

I also needed for the boot to be an easy on easy off sort of style.

That is what led me to choose the Original SWAT Classic 9″ Boot, a Men’s Composite Toe Side Zip Boot #1160.

And at $95 I felt it was a good price for my second pair of that boot…the first pair I wore for two years and scuffed them up on the job.

I liked them so well I bought a new pair to keep nice and shiny and I still use the old pair for “dirty work.”

They are light and give great ankle support in a breathable fabric that is very comfortable. The Original SWAT Classic 9″ Boot have heavy tread in soft but durable rubber soles, a steel shank, and a composite toe protector, and even though I don’t jump out of airplanes I feel these boots would serve well in that regard due to the ankle support.

For $25 more you can get them in a waterproof finish which is what my next set is going to be when I buy a third pair these boots.

What we like is the durability and the finish…the leather shines up very well.

What we don’t like is the zipper handles are not heavy duty.

By Mike Mackay

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