How to Do Ring Rows

The Ring Row targets the upper back and arms. We use ring rows to balance out our training from push ups.

Your ring row max effort should be equal to your push ups. This is an excellent beginner to advanced exercise, weight can be added with a weight vest or ruck. You can increase difficulty by placing your heels on an elevated object. Or scale by bringing your feet closer to the rings and standing more upright.

SGPT Video How to Do Ring Rows

Points of Performance:

  • Arms Shoulder Width Apart
  • Full Grip On the Rings
  • Start with Arms and Legs Extended
  • Pull Elbows Back Until Rings Touch the Chest
  • Keep your Core Tight and Your Body Rigid
  • Keep Arms in to your Sides
  • You can Scale by Moving your Body in Closer to the Rings

Ring rows are a great option if you are limited on space and cannot set up a full size pull up bar. Instead you can hang the rings and use those are you method to do pullups.

Question: Coach Brad; I feel like a couch potatoe after New Years and now its Super Bowl Season? I have gained 20 lbs since Thanksgiving. I work a demanding 40 hour work week and i am not motivated to work out. Can you tell me where to start? Frederick P.

Answer: That is a good question Frederick – we talk to many athletes that have fallen off the wagon during the holidays and struggled to get back on track.

Start with the basics and work your way up. Drink a gallon of water today. Try to get outside and walk. Read a good book for 5 minutes tonight before you go to bed. Tomorrow we do the same thing again but we add one more block to our walking.

The next day we cut out sugar. The next day we add deep breathing and yoga. The next day we add light weights. Each day we make progress over the long haul that builds life changing results.

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