SEALgrinderPT Wall of Fame Testimonials

SEALgrinderPT Wall of Fame Testimonials

From Paul Fisler (SGPT audio listener): The SGPT audio’s are fantastic, have them on my I-phone, I-touch and I-pad.

Also made cd copies to be able to listen to them easier in my truck to and from work.

Wished I had found your site earlier.

SGPT is reinforcing some of the things I’ve already started doing.

Already planning on running a half-marathon to celebrate my turning 60 in December.

Attached is a photo of me after a 5 mile run with a 40# weight vest on, needed another challenge I also attached a before pic.

When I started working out again about a year and a half ago I weighed 270# and now down to 175#, never felt better.

Also printed out a hard copy of the pull-up book of yours, that’s my next project. It’s all about attitude!!! -Paul E. Fisler

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From Jeff Schecterle (SGPT BUD/S Prep coaching + Rise Up audio)
(BUD/S Candidate and Worlds Toughest

Mudder Competitor)
Hey Brad,
Just wanted to shoot you a quick email. I listened to one of your SGPT audios “Rise Up” and it got me all fired up and motivated. I have been reading your emails and listening to your audios daily as motivation to conquer my goal of making it through BUDS. I start the prep program here at Great Lakes tomorrow, and ship to BUDS June 7. Thank you for all the knowledge and lessons you put out, it is really motivating! Can’t wait to hear more. I’m trying to soak up as much as I can before the big test. Thanks again. Jeff

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From Hunter Crochet (SGPT audio listener) – Damn, that is awesome thank you do much Brad I really appreciate that. The SGPT audio is short and to the point amazing definitely will listen to this every morning when I wake up. Thank you so much coach I really appreciate this. I’m very happy to have you as a coach and for being someone I can look up to thanks for everything Brad.

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From Hunter Crochet (SGPT audio listener)
I’m very happy to have you as a coach and for being someone I can look up to thanks for everything Brad.

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From Chris Cahill (SGPT Coaching and audio listener)-
And that, my friend, is why you are my favorite coach. You admittedly don’t have all of the answers but you do have something more better as we say down here in Texas – you have a compass and you are willing to show the rest of us the way. Thank you so much Coach!!!!!

Again – THANK YOU! when I see you – I owe you a beer or lunch or both for changing my life Brad. Chris Cahill

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From Matthew Guy (SGPT BUD/S Prep Coaching) – I went through the Basic Reconnaissance Course 4 years ago. Like other SOF schools, the course was mentally and physically very demanding, and I came out of it in the best shape of my life. But many operators will agree that between unit training, schools, workups, and deployments, its sometimes very hard to keep a good pt schedule. I found SGPT when i was looking for something new, something that was tailored to my unique needs and something to get me back in the shape I needed to be in. I have followed the crossfit main page, outlaw cross fit, sealfit, and a few others over the years, but none of them provide the coaching for your mind, body, and soul like Brad does. Being a Navy SEAL, Brad McLeod understands what is demanded of operators and his programming is designed to exceed those demands to keep you fit, healthy and ready. One of the things that really attracted me to SGPT is the focus on bodyweight and cardio workouts. In SOF communities no one really cares how much you can bench or curl, what really matters is how fast and efficiently you move your own body. SEAL Grinder PT does just that. Whether you are an operator looking to be the fittest person on the battlefield, or a civilian looking to get in great shape and improve your life, SGPT will help you meet your goals and prepare you for the unknown. Matthew Guy

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From Tom Rowland (SGPT audio listener) -Brad,
Thank you for your SGPT audio program! Keep doing what you are doing. You are going to help alot of people and the information you are providing will change lives for the better.

I am 44 years old, a very successful business man and lead a very happy life…because I designed it. I found your audio because I am always looking for the 1% just like you mentioned in your recording. I am familiar with alot of the ideas and exactly on the same page as you are in so many ways. Much like you, I walked around in a stuppor until I found out what I wanted to do. I found the right books, the right people and created exactly what I envisioned in my mind.

Now, it is time to get out of my comfort zone and write the next chapter. I am so excited to listen to more and to train with you personally. Thanks again for what you are doing…I plan on letting my boys listen to your stuff as well.
Keep on rockin’ – Tom Rowland

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From Nathan Norton (SGPT audio listener)
Mr. McLeod,
“Last Sat I went on a 1 hr ruck march and listened to your two audios Rise Up and Lean In. I have listened to both several times before but never during a workout or ruck; both were incredible (especially Rise Up). Let me tell you something though; listening to them in your room or car is one thing. Listening to them while rucking is entirely different. MAN I WAS FIRED UP!! Listening to those audios doing the very thing they were talking about! I was ready to conquer the world! So in other words, Thank you. Don’t ever stop what you do, because if you did, guys like me would never have a chance.
Nathan Norton”

From James Thomaston (SGPT Coaching athlete)
Hey Brad,
Thanks for training me for smoke jumper rookie school. I did really well and excelled in the rucks and pullups. I was in the front of the pack on every PT. I really appreciate your insight and awesome, brutal workouts. We graduate tomorrow.

From Giancarlo Cefalo (Kokoro coaching prep)
I did the 30 day Kokoro Prep email series and it helped bring me to the next level with my training. I highly recommend this for anyone who has aspirations of Kokoro camp or Tough Mudder.

From Brett Tishim (SGPT audio listener) Love it! It’s helped calm me for my police oral board interview tomorrow as well as prep for it mentally. Physically it put in a grove where I was able to run 9.6 miles as compared to my usual 3-4, and I wasn’t even really tired. Have not gotten comfortable enough to put my goals out there In public yet but I now keep them close to me. Turns out I really was my own roadblock! Great stuff!!

Brian Defiebre Rise Up! Audio Testimonial
Brad, I’ve listened to your “Rise Up” audio for two days in a row now, it’s pure gold! It strikes a chord down in my spirit and it’s like a wake-up slap in the face! I’ve been able to take my own training to new levels by using your ideas, as well as the training programs that I run for the athletes I train. Truly inspiring!!!

From Robert Dean (SGPT coaching)
Robert Dean
Just have to mention how much being a small part of SGPT has meant to me. The positive attitude of people going for their goals and encouraging others is rare and inspiring. You’ve come a long way from the garage but managed to keep a great atmosphere. When I was up there last for the Murph workout there were so many people I had only met once or twice before or even never met showing support for each other as well as working hard on their own workout. Still can’t hardly believe I did almost 10 minutes better this year than last. It also still amazes me sometimes, that it wasn’t so long ago I was struggling to do 1 pull-up in your driveway and this year I did sets of 10 or more.

From Sean C in Ireland (SGPT Coaching and audio)
SGPT wall of Fame
Brad and I first crossed paths back when he discovered Hellweek PT(TM) was running the Selection Challenge, his approval and encouragement for what I was doing here in Ireland was further motivation to change mindsets. Over the years Brad has been an inspiration for me personally and I had the pleasure of his attending my Selection Challenge(TM) in March 2013. He helped inspire and motivate the candidates on the beach and has since continued to motivate a lot of my clients through the web. If you are looking for a coach that lets it come straight from the heart, that has “your” best interests at heart, then Brad Mcleod is the right choice, he will work with you and inspire you. You can’t go wrong.

Seán Ó Cearrúlláin
Founder and Owner
Hellweek PT(TM)

from Colin Dwyer (SGPT audio “Rise Up”)
“Hey sir, thanks for the email. I indeed got the downloads. I
listened to Rise Up today, and proceeded to get a lifetime best in pullups afterwards”

From Jason Robles (“Gambler” audio)
By the way, wanted to thank you for the insights in your gambler audio. It resonates so much with my current situation and although I have been working through the fear of taking the risk of going for Pararescue, hearing you’re advice, and talking to my girlfriend and my family about this decision are leading more and more to a point where I feel my life has led me to all this and is leading me on a collision course for Pararescue selection.

From Troy Arignon (SGPT coaching / audios)
“Brad coaches with his whole heart and soul. He is passionate, engaged, supportive, and has helped me adjust (and re-adjust) my training, always helping me keep my goals clearly in mind and helping me get rid of distractions. If you’re taking on something challenging, work with him. It will be very worth it – physically but also mentally and emotionally.” Troy

From AJ (Gambler audio listener)
“Hey Brad, I just listened to the audio “the Gambler”. Man, I have to say… It was spot on, especially the end. You did a great job explaining about what makes people like us different. There’s a reason why people seek out motivating individuals such as yourself. There is a reason why we are miserable being stuck in a cubicle, or going from job to job wondering why we can’t find happiness in our corporate environment. Why we aren’t comfortable being comfortable. This is a great reminder that we are different, not like everyone else, and despite the fact that others may ridicule, they NEED us BECAUSE we’re different. Sometimes you need someone to tell you or a reaffirmation saying hey, you’re not supposed to be here. Go be who and what you are. Thanks for that, many of us needed it I’m sure. AJ

Review from Grinder Strength Pull Up Ebook from Martin
Brad I just wanted to let you know I took up your suggestion for improving pull-ups. While I can do seven or eight at a time on prolonged workouts like murph I have to do jumping pull-ups. To make a long story short today’s pull-ups were awesome and I appreciate your time. I just did what you suggested and practice every day. Thanks, Martin

Check out Grinder Strength Pull Up Ebook @ SEALgrinderPT – HERE

Henry Grimes
Used your articles from the SEAL grinder PT website along with a few from Stew Smith and have dropped my 5k time by 7 minutes as well as dropped my mile time by over 2 minutes. All in a matter of two weeks. Mental Toughness and Interval Training really paying off. Thank you for your dedication to further athletes both physically and mentally. It works!

Check out Stew Smith Ebooks at SEALgrinderPT – HERE

From Rob Light –
Good morning Brad,

It’s going great! Love the program.

Brad, I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me a while back. Man, I was about as low as you could go and the fact that I was I guy you didn’t know from Adam, and yet, you still took the time to reach out to me and offer guidance is something I will never forget. It speaks volumes about your character and the type of man you are.

Btw, I am now in Respiratory Therapy School and doing better.

Wishing you and your family a great Christmas and the very best that life has to offer.

~Rob Light

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