Sheep Dogs — How to Take Action

sheep dog wolf thEarlier in the week we talked about becoming a sheep dog.

As we know that there are way too many sheep and not enough leaders who will step up to take charge.

A sheep dog is merely one who is there to protect the innocent.

Check out how these SGPT Sheep Dogs took action after our last email.

from P.M:


Took Conceal and Carry course and purchased a Glock 42, .380 pistol


Helped a lady change her tire in the Walmart parking lot, which I suck at so hilarity ensued but we got it done

#3. READ

Read one Navy SEAL book parallel with a non-fiction book……….last month have finished Jockko’s book as well as Tom Shea’s


Signed up for Freak Frog course and am training to improve myself.

Notice how he emailed me to be accountable and let me know what he was doing?

What are you doing today to improve yourself and help your family?

Do you want to be just another sheep person (sheeple) or do you want to rise up and help others?

Every day you make a conscious decision as to who you will be and how you will respond.

Are you looking to be a part of the solution but don’t know where to start?

Are you building a Survival Bug out Bag and keeping it near where you sleep?

Check out this SGPT article on building a bug out bag here:

A sheepdog will always want to be ready for anything at anytime so that he can help the most people and not be a casualty.

Got a question? Need a little guidance? Post up a question in comments below as we check comments every night and will respond to you.

Our goal is to help you become better and improve yourself – to be ready for anything at anytime.

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