Surviving the Cut Marine Recon Workout

Surviving the Cut Marine Recon Workout

surviving the cut marine recon workoutIn order to get ready for Marine Recon training – you will need to do some workouts that are not the norm.

Get out of the gym and put the barbell away. Check out these videos and workouts go get you up to snuff for Marine Recon training.

Marine Recon Treading water event

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Workout #1
Tread water for 10 minutes
Bring hands out of water
over the next weeks add 10 minutes each week.
then add battle fatigues.
Always perform with a swim buddy in a shallow pool.

Tip #1
Start slow and work your way up.

Marine Recon Surf training

Increase your Strength – Check out the StudBar Pullup bar.

Workout #2
Bear Crawl 100 meters in full gear
then…Carry 90 lb dummy in full gear for 200 meters
or – Carry your buddy in fireman’s carry 200 meters
Rope climb 20 feet
do again until failure.

Workout #3
Heavy Ruck march 2.5 miles
100 pushups
200 situps
300 air squats
400 jumping jacks
Ruck march back to base

Workout #4
with 25 lb sand bag
Run 200 meters
10 pushups on bag
10 push press
10 kettle bell swings
10 overhead squats
rest 2 min.
repeat as needed.

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Surviving the Cut Marine Recon

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