Surviving the Cut Ranger Workout

surviving the cutWhen you are training for Special Forces you will need to be ready for anything at anytime.

Leave the barbell behind for a while and get down and dirty with some unconventional workouts that will push you out of your comfort zone.

Lets admit it. Many of us would rather stay in the cushy gym and workout on machines.

But to get your body and mind ready for Special Forces training – you have to get outside and get uncomfortable.

Video – Surviving the Cut Ranger Workout – First Day

Check out Navy SEAL workouts to Survive the Cut and Thrive

Surviving the Cut Ranger Workout #1
in teams of 2
Fight pit wrestle your opponent to the ground
Fireman carry your buddy 200 meters around fight pit
Bear crawl 200 meters around fight pit
complete as many rounds as possible in 1 hour

Tip #1
Wear boots and long pants for workouts. Get in the water and sand or mud. Then continue to work out. Don’t stay dry and warm. The extra water weight in your pants and boots is heavier than you think. We have had more than one athlete say “I wish I would have worked out more with wet and sandy clothes” after an event like Kokoro.

Question: What is a good book to read and learn more about the Army Rangers?

Check out Ranger Handbook: Not For The Weak or Fainthearted. This book will give you a good inside look into what happens at Ranger School. Read this book and start training now.

Video – Surviving the Cut – Into the Woods

Surviving the Cut Ranger Workout #2
With a 30 lb ruck. pick a course that is hilly
get wet and muddy
hike 1 mile
100 pushups
hike 1 mile
200 situps
hike 1 mile
300 air squats
hike 1 mile back to base
note time

Break in your boots well first. A good all around boot we like is the Bates 922. This boot is light weight and drains well and you will get more than you value out of them for the low price.

Wear double socks (thicker on the outer and a thin inner liner) and use body glide on feet and crotch.

Tip #3
Cut workouts above in halves or thirds if needed. Don’t ruck march too heavy or too much mileage too quick. Start out slow and build yourself up over a few week period.

Question: Where can I find out more info on the Army Rangers? Check out the Army website here:

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Surviving the Cut Ranger Workout

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