US Marines Raid Taliban Opium Factory, Part 1 of 3

Allied forces have so far seized tens of millions of dollars worth of Taliban opium. Opium profits are mostly used to fund Taliban operations within Afghanistan, as well as worldwide.

Once the poppies are harvested, what begins is called “Fighting Season”.

It begins about a week after harvest, and is the most active time for raids. The intent is to capture the the harvested poppies, any opium that’s been processed, and all equipment used for refining (the blue bags are filled with calcium, which is used in the refining process.)

The confiscation of and destruction of what’s seized aids in keeping the Taliban from selling the opium and purchasing new weapons.

Watch this awesome 2013 video shot in Helmand Province, Afghanistan 2013 where Marines from 2/9 Echo Helmand execute a search and seizure of a known Taliban opium factory.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Watch Part 1 here.


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