US Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols: What “Never Quit” Truly Means

In this episode on his series about mental toughness, Jeff Nichols covers a different side of never quitting: Creating trust, and how small acts of keeping your word lays the groundwork for the more physical side of mental toughness.

As you watch the video, think about ways you already do this in your life—with family, with friends, with co-workers…even strangers.

Then consider ways you could start doing this for yourself. Meaning—are there ways you break trust with yourself?

Do you maybe start in on a goal (any goal—physical, staying organized, financial) and then find ways to wiggle out of it?

Do you make a resolution to follow through time and time again and then break it? (Too tired, not enough time. something else came up….and so on.)

Are there possibly ways you also do this with friends and family? (Too tired, not enough time, something else came up….and so on.)

To you, what are the connections between those kinds of following through—never quitting—and more physical goals?

How could you apply what Jeff Nichols talks about? How are you already doing so?

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QUESTION: I have a terrible time getting motivated on Monday. Like everyone else probably. But I noticed where my head is on those mornings sets the tone for the whole week. How can I get motivated on Mondays?

ANSWER: Check out this article—4 Ways to Kickstart Your Monday Navy SEAL Style.

QUESTION: I am working towards running my first 5K this fall but I’m struggling with getting my speed up. Can you help me with ways to get better? It’s been months and I’m still at about a 12 minute mile.

ANSWER: Yes; here’s an article that should help. Tips to Improve Your Mile Run Time.
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