US Navy SEAL Mark Divine: How to Master Mental Toughness

In this podcast Commander Mark Divine breaks down the concepts of mental toughness to make it easier to master them and create what he calls an “unbeatable mind”.

As you listen, jot down your own thoughts about what you think mental toughness is for you and ask yourself how you can start applying Mark Divine’s insights as well as your own on a daily basis.

Also, think of three situations in which these concepts could be of benefit:

  1. A future situation you might (or will) encounter sometime this year (this could be a work situation, life/personal, a physical goal—anything that holds some amount of worry for you).
  2. A current situation that’s creating strife and struggle for you—one that feels like you just can’t pin down.
  3. A past situation that you wish you could have handled better.

Why a past situation?

Because those situations can filter into how we currently handle obstacles/challenges, small or large—which will then continue on into the future.

While the past itself can be changed, there is value to analyzing (with non-attachment) situations that occurred last week, last year, a decade ago—or even just this morning.

As you do this for each situation, ask yourself open-ended questions. Open-eneded questions start with words like:

  1. How (could I have handled that situation better?)
  2. What (could I do currently to make it so I handle similar ones differently?)
  3. When (is this happening? Note: “When” could be a time, or a “trigger situation”—traffic, crowds, long lines.)
  4. Who (could help me master this?)
  5. Why (do I react opposite of how I would prefer/do I want to make these changes?)
  6. Where (can I go to find more resources?)

Then, as Mark Divine frequently recommends, practice in your mind putting these concepts into practice; the more you practice in your mind (in all three timeframes: past, present, future), the easier it will be to react in the way you actually want to react.

After you finish listening, let us know in the comments below, what you thought of and how you’re going to start applying Mark Divine’s suggestions (and your own ideas). If you do—we’ll send you FREE SGPT STICKERS!



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