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Featured image for “US Marines Devil Dogs Street Fighting Combat in Iraq”

US Marines Devil Dogs Street Fighting Combat in Iraq

Check out the US Marines during urban street fighting in the Iraq war. The full chaos of a battle scene with bullets flying and rockets being fired in all directions. If you have a tough job to do – the Devil Dog Marines can get it done. What do you think? Post up below in... Read More
Featured image for “The Most Daring Raids in Modern Military History”

The Most Daring Raids in Modern Military History

Check out this top 10 list of the most intense raids ever undertaken in modern military history. British SAS, Navy SEALs and commandos from all over the globe working 24/7 to erase terrorist from the planet. Up against formidable odds these Special Forces operators pushed forward to crush the bad guys. What do you think?... Read More
Featured image for “Helmet Cam Footage Of US Special Forces In Action In The Afghan Desert”

Helmet Cam Footage Of US Special Forces In Action In The Afghan Desert

Check out the helmet cam footage Of US Special Forces on the ground and in the air in the Afghanistan desert. Can you identify the plane flying low at the 16 minute mark? It puts a smack down on the target and keeps coming back for more. What do you think? Post up your comments... Read More
Featured image for “USAF MOAB 2017 Aftermath”

USAF MOAB 2017 Aftermath

Check out the aftermath of the Mother of All Bombs (officially called Massive Ordnance Air Blast) as Afghan Police survey the area. Video begins with drone footage of the drop and explosion. Death from above!       Remember Murph workout is coming up in just a couple weeks. Are you ready to kick a** and... Read More
Featured image for “The Raid on Osama Bin-Laden”

The Raid on Osama Bin-Laden

It never grows old hearing the news of the day SEAL Team Six shot Osama Bin-laden in the face. Check out the info on this raid and how it was pulled off like clockwork. Some people still think that Bin-laden is alive but cannot say exactly where he is. What do you think? Post up... Read More
Featured image for “American Soldier Sprints Through Taliban Firefight”

American Soldier Sprints Through Taliban Firefight

During a patrol in Wardak Afghanistan soldiers get into a firefight with Taliban fighters on a motorbike. Over the next two hours over 3k rounds of ammo, four Carl Gustav rounds and four 60 mm mortars were sent down range to fight the bad guys. You can hear the 7.62 rounds pinging overhead during the... Read More
Featured image for “Somali Pirates vs American Contractors”

Somali Pirates vs American Contractors

Check out these Somali pirates coming straight at a merchant ship in the open seas. They get way more than they bargained for as they thought it was going to be another unarmed ship. The contractors light their @ss up with multiple rounds and it is surprising that the pirates get in so close. But... Read More
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