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Featured image for “SGPT Interviews Recon Rings’ Founders”

SGPT Interviews Recon Rings’ Founders

  Seal Grinder PT connects with Veteran Owned Business Recon Rings – headed up by Tom, a Former Marine, 0311 8 years in and Stephen, civilian, brand builder, complainer of burpees, married to a Navy Corpsman. SGPT: So tell me, how did RECON Rings start? Recon Rings: I had the vision of making rings and... Read More
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Garmin Foretrex 401 review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Garmin Foretrex 401 and you decide if it is good enough to become a part of your daily field gear. The Foretrex uses triple AAA batteries which are easy to find in the local convenience store. If you want more juice for a longer period of time... Read More
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Gear Review: Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer

I came across an awesome piece of gear, and had to get my hands on it. Those of you that are members and avid readers of SGPT know that we love to ruck here. But that poses a problem. While getting out in nature to get after it is one of the best ways to... Read More
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Gear Review: FirstEdge 5050 Survival Knife

There are survival blades that are robust, and then there are absolute tanks that hack, chop, baton, split, and whittle everything in their path. The 5050 Survival Knife from FirstEdge is the latter. This behemoth tips the scales at over a pound for just the knife alone. It means business. The specs: the full tang... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear Urban Tactical Day Pack”

Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear Urban Tactical Day Pack

Bug out bags are an essential part of being ready for anything. You should have a go-bag in your car, home, and office – and if possible – different packs for different issues. IE Weather vs civil unrest vs survival. Now we can talk about contents all day, but you need a bag to put... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: SOG Backcountry 2-in-1 Axe”

Gear Review: SOG Backcountry 2-in-1 Axe

Sometimes, you just need an axe. While we push survival knives to be stout enough to chop, if weight isn’t an issue, or you have the room, an axe or hatchet will make easy work of felling a tree, chopping limbs, making shelter, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love tools like the Spax or... Read More

Gear Review: Blackhawk Serpa Tac Level 3 Drop Leg Holster

  We’ve reviewed plenty of IWB or CCW type holsters for my civilian and off duty readers, but up for review today I have something for my LEO, Mil, or private security folks. The SERPA Level 3 Tactical Holster is a solid drop leg platform for duty or deployment. This one tested it designed for... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear 3 Day GI Pack”

Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear 3 Day GI Pack

Ah, we love our packs here at SGPT. How are you going to do all that rucking with a garbage pack, right? Well 5ive Star Gear GI Spec 3-Day Military Backpack is solid for heavier loadouts, camping trips, or a bug out bag. I tested this bad boy out over a couple hikes, and it help... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: CRKT Keramin and Minimalist Fixed Blade Knives”

Gear Review: CRKT Keramin and Minimalist Fixed Blade Knives

I went on the search for a new fixed blade EDC after thinking of the need for something a little more low profile, yet easily deployable from the weak side. I have a SOG Gambit, and a SOG Mini Pentagon I really like, but wanted to check something out that was a bit lower profile... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: Snake Eater Tactical IWB Pouches”

Gear Review: Snake Eater Tactical IWB Pouches

We love our gear, but you all know this. We love interesting ways for us to carry and use our gear, be it plainclothes or in the field. And what we love more than just gear, is gear made in America, by veterans. Snake Eater Tactical has all of those. Chris Calvert is the brains... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife”

Gear Review: SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife

Up for review today is another SOG folder, however, this one is unlike others we have reviewed in the past. This solid little blade is not a spring assisted folder like the SOG Zoom S30V, but is ready for action all the same. The SOG Pent Arc uses their Arc Lock System, which is both... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: SOG Force Tactical Knife”

Gear Review: SOG Force Tactical Knife

The SOG Force Fixed Blade SE38-N knife is a formidable knife. With a blade thickness of .24 inches, it is hefty. In fact, it reminds me of the Ontario knives and machetes I have, but sports a super sharp AUS-8 blade. I really like thisknife, and it’s found a home on one of my tac... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: SOG Tomahawk”

Gear Review: SOG Tomahawk

We’re big fans of SOG gear, as you may know from reading our gear reviews. Anything that was borne in the jungles of Vietnam for Special Operators has a pretty solid lineage, and their gear, by and large, is solid. The SOG Tactical Tomahawk definitely serves it’s purpose, but in our opinion isn’t as versatile... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: TRUSPEC 24/7 Xpedition Pants”

Gear Review: TRUSPEC 24/7 Xpedition Pants

We went through it last time we did a pants review with another TRUSPEC product, their Vector Pants; about how pants are more than just pants, it’s a piece of gear. We loved the Vectors, and we managed to check out one of their new offerings, the 24/7 Xpedition Pants. These bad boys are comfortable,... Read More
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